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Goodbye Wireless@sg

Wanted to call this entry “Why wireless@sg has failed?”. But I guess I don’t have the rights to declare that it failed. Besides, only a handful of my friends encounter problem with wireless@sg frequently. A large number of people still think that it is very reliable. Maybe they are plain lucky. Or they didn’t use wireless@sg as frequently as us. I’ve complained enough about wireless@sg. I rest my case. If you are interested, you may check out how many times I complaint about wireless@sg.

Anyway, this entry is not for debating whether wireless@sg has failed or not. Instead, this entry is to let everyone knows that I will not twitter to complain about wireless@sg again.


Because I’ve just gotten myself a mobile broadband plan from Singtel. WOOHOO!!!!
No more searching for wireless@sg connection. No more cursing and swearing whenever wireless@sg disconnect me.

Recent events made me realise that I can’t depend on wireless@sg anymore. And some of the things that I’m about to embark on requires me to be connected while on the go. I can’t let wireless@sg ruin my opportunity. And I’m left with no choice but to subscribe to mobile broadband. Goodbye wireless@sg. I have enough of your nonsense.

I know most people are using M1 mobile broadband. But I choose Singtel because they are cheaper. On top of that, as a Singnet user, I’m given additional 30% discount. And the best part is, they give me the modem for free. (12 months contract)

The only thing about Singtel’s mobile broadband is that their modem only includes 1 short USB cable. They don’t have the useful ‘L’ shape USB. I wonder if they sell this in Sim Lim Sq.

Oh, this entry is posted using Singtel mobile broadband at HDB hub. There is Wireless@sg connection here. But I lazy to connect. My friend tried wireless@sg here and complained that it’s very laggy. So he took out his M1 mobile broadband. Seriously, how to work using wireless@sg?

Hmmm…. perhaps I should try surfing net on the train later. Wonder if it is stable when on the move.

Update: Tried surfing on train. Network still very stable. Didn’t notice any drop in speed. Cool stuff. Am loving it. :D

Surcharge can resolve every single issue

Our great leader has spoken again. This time, they decide to resolve the long standing issue on the supply and demand of taxi. It is about time they address this issue. There has been lots of complaint on errant drivers who refuse to pick up passengers. MP Seng Han Thong, who is also the adviser to the six-affiliate Taxi Operators’ Association suggested:-

Taxi companies need to impose surcharges at taxi stands in the CBD (central business district) and Orchard Road areas during peak hours, and at lobbies of hotels, major tourist attractions and nightspots. Only location surcharges can address the problem of balancing the demand and supply of taxi services at specific places and time, while allowing taxis to charge a more affordable rate at other places such as HDB estates and neighbourhood shopping malls.

*worship our great leader*

This is indeed a great solution to our suffering. Add surcharge. Why didn’t anyone think of that earlier? Look, adding surcharge can ensure that the demand for taxi at key places can be met. Isn’t that great? Suddenly I feel that I’ll never have any worries when trying to get a taxi.

In fact, our great leader has just shown us that surcharge can resolve every single issue in life.

Imagine the following:-

Not enough taxi at key location? Impose location surcharge.
Not enough taxi during peak hour? Impose peak hour surcharge.
Too many cars on the road? Impose road usage surcharge. (aka ERP)
Too crowded on Train during peak hour? Impose train peak hour surcharge.
Not enough seats on train? Impose train seat surcharge.
Not enough buses on the road? Impose bus surcharge.
Bus badly maintained? Impose bus maintenance surcharge.
Lift too dirty? Impose lift surcharge.
Toilet too dirty? Impose toilet surcharge.
Birth rate dropping? Impose childless surcharge.
Aging workforce? Impose retirement surcharge.
Orchard road too crowded? Impose shopping surcharge.
Too many people queuing for donut? Impose queue surcharge.
Cost of living gone up? Impose cost of living surcharge.
Power consumption gone up? Impose power surcharge.
Water supply running low? Impose water surcharge.
Too much air pollution? Impose breathing surcharge.
Too much noise pollution? Impose talking surcharge.
Too many people farting? Impose fart surcharge.

In fact, all the ministries can do a generic solution for our daily problems:
Impose *insert fancy name* surcharge.

Look at the wonderful things that surcharge can do. It can truly do wonders. I’m sure that the taxi issue will be fully resolved once the location surcharge kicks in. If not, we can always add more surcharge until the problem has been resolve. Remember, everything can be resolved using surcharge.

Indeed a wise leader. No wonder we are paying them so much money.

Cloverfield (1-18-08) – New trailer

Remember I blog about this unknown movie by JJ Abrams? A new trailer has been released recently. Cool stuff. You got to watch it.

Blair Witch Project meets War of the Worlds. But the concept is interesting. I guess if there is alien or monster attacking a city now, the people would most likely be doing the same thing, recording the event using video cam. I know some people might even do live blogging as the alien/monster is attacking the city, Hahaha.

It seems like the movie name is confirmed as Cloverfield.

Can’t wait for the movie. It’s going to be a great show.

PS: I think the poster is going to look great. Feel like buying one and hang it in my room.

The remake of ‘Face on the table’

I usually do my exams revision in the university library. It’s much better than doing revision at home where there is TV, Internet, food and bed to distract me. Exam period the only time when I use the library.

It is also during this period when I took the infamous ‘face on the table’ photo. And since this might be the last time that I’ll ever need to mug for an exam (if I pass my exam), I guess I should do a remake of the ‘face on table’ photo.

Looks almost like the original one. Then I notice that I was actually wearing the SAME T-shirt that I wore 2 years ago when I took that picture! Haha… what a coincident.

So which version do you prefer? I still think the old one is better. :D

Confident that I’ll fail my exam

Never in my life have I ever walked out of the exam hall with so much confident that I’ll fail my exams. Seriously. From Primary One all the way to Polytechnic year 3 and also for the past 3 years in my part time degree course. Never had such feeling like today. It was very bad.

All the topics that I revised didn’t appear in the exam. I concentrate mainly on the topics that were in the revision tutorials and also some topics that I feel are important. None of the questions are related to those topic. Not a single one.

In fact, after reading thru the exam paper, I even flip to the first page to confirm that I got the right exam paper. Shocked that none of the questions that I studied appeared in the exam.

I should be celebrating now if I didn’t do so badly for the paper. After all, it is supposed to be the last exam in my entire lifetime. Looks like it is not the last. Now I’m wondering if I’ll need to retake the whole entire module or just retake the exam. Either way, it’s going to delay my degree. And to make things worst, this stupid module is only offered in the July semester. Which means I can only wait till Nov 08 to retake the exam. That will delay my degree for ONE WHOLE YEAR.

Feeling damn shitty now.

OK, I know that I haven’t seen the results yet. But even a optimistic person like me thinks that I will fail, I think my chances of passing is pretty slim.

Anyway, no point ranting too much about this. It’s over. All I can do now is pray that the bell curve is able to save me. I doubt so, but then, praying is free. So no harm trying.