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namewee – 網路大戰 Internet War

Another new RAP by namewee

Can feel that there is more and more anger in his RAP. Not really a good thing. Miss those tamer RAP like 麻坡的華語

DK on The New Paper

Got an email late Tuesday afternoon from a reporter at The New Paper. She wanted to do an interview with me regarding the 3 ang moh bullying the uncle incident. Guess she bump into my blog entry.

I’m impressed with their speed. I replied her email on Tuesday at around 5pm and the interview was printed on the Wednesday edition.

OK, here is my 5 seconds of fame.

I’m that 27 year old blogger.

Well, actually the interview was much longer. But due to space constrain, they have to remove most of the part and just print the essence of the interview. Anyway, here is the full interview that I did.


When did you see the video?
I saw the video clip on Saturday afternoon at I believe the clip was posted on youtube since Aug 07 but only spotted by Singaporeans lately.

How did you feel when you saw it?
I was very angry when I saw the video clip. The poor uncle is trying to make a living here. The 3 of them squeeze into a trishaw meant for 2 person and made nasty comments about the speed of the trishaw. On top of that, they refuse to pay the uncle, giving lame excuse like they have just been robbed.

Which part of the video were you most affected by?
I think the thought of them having the cheek to post this video up on youtube makes me very angry. I can understand if they say that they are drunk at that time since the video was taken around Clark Quay area. But I’m sure they are very sober when posting this video on youtube. This is really too much.

There are a lot of comments about how this is an example of white supremacy. Do you agree that this incident occurred because of the tourists’ superior attitude?
I think that these are just black sheep. I don’t think we should generalize racial group here. White supremacy are things of the past. The only white supremacy that exists is when we give them special privileges.

Would you have felt so strongly about it if they were not Caucasians?
The race doesn’t matter to me. It’s their actions that angered me.

How do you think such incidents can be avoided in the future?
I don’t think there is any way we could avoid such incident. I do hope this is not a common thing. But even if it is, there is really nothing that we could do. After all, they didn’t commit any crime.

The guy who posted the video on YOUtube said that they were insensitive, but didn’t think they were bullies. What do you think of this reply?
3 person squeezed into a trishaw meant for 2, make fun of the uncle and refuse to pay up after that. On top of that, they post the video clip on youtube. If this isn’t bullying, then what is? Don’t they feel sorry for their actions?

If you saw him in Singapore again, what would you say or do to him?
What can I do to them? Nothing. I’m only hoping that their families, friends, colleagues, employers and fellow countrymen could see this video clip. Shame on them.


Here is the rest of the article.

So, now we know that B0Davis is indeed one of the 3 ang moh in the clip. His real name is Bo Davis and he has a facebook account. The most sickening thing is that they still don’t feel sorry for their action.

I tried searching for his profile but facebook returned me 500 plus profiles. Don’t really know which one is he. Anyone found him?

Quite a number of blogs and forums are talking about this incident and Bo Davis now. I hope his families, friends, colleagues and employers will see this video clip when they do a google his name.

Bryan Adams – Back To You

Bryan Adams – Back To You

I’ve been down – I’ve been beat
I’ve been so tired – that I could not speak
I’ve bin so lost that – I could not see
I wanted things that were out of reach
Then I found you and you helped me through
And ya showed me what to do
That’s why I’m comin’ back to you…

Like a star that guides a ship across the ocean
That’s how your love can take me home back to you
And if I wish upon that star – that someday I’ll be where you are
I know that day is comin’ soon – ya I’l comin’ back to you

You’ve been alone but ya did not show it
You’ve been in pain when you did not know it
You let me do what I needed to – You were there when I needed you
Mighta let you down – mighta messed you around
But ya never changed your point of view
Thats why I’m comin’ back to you