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MOH and AVA advise public to discard chocolate cakes from Prima Deli

MOH and AVA advise public to discard chocolate cakes from Prima Deli

1. The Ministry of Health (MOH) was notified of a food poisoning incident on 23 November 2007. As more incidents were notified, epidemiological investigations indicated that the common food item between the various incidents were Prima Deli chocolate cakes purchased as early as 19 November 2007. To date, MOH has been notified of eight such food poisoning incidents associated with the consumption of Prima Deli chocolate cakes.

2. MOH and theAgri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) conducted joint inspections of Prima Food Pte Ltd which produces the chocolate cakes for all Prima Deli retail outlets. Food and environmental samples were taken for laboratory analysis. Preliminary results on 03 December 2007 for the food samples are suggestive of Salmonella as the likely causative agent. Prima Food Pte Ltd has been instructed to stop the production of all chocolate cakes and to recall all these cakes from distribution and sale. Screening of food handlers is in progress. Investigations are ongoing to determine the source of the contamination.

3. As at 03 December 2007, there were a total of 106 cases including six hospitalised cases, all of whom have been discharged. Six cases tested positive for Salmonella Enteritidis. The last case had onset of illness on 26 November 2007.

OK, let me give you a summary of events. (Souces from MOH press release and newspaper)

19 Nov (Mon) – First report of cakes being affected.
23 Nov (Fri) – MOH informed
24 Nov (Sat) – MOH and AVA conduct joint inspections (Estimated date)
26 Nov (Mon) – Last person to show symptoms.
26 Nov to 2 Dec – 50 of the factory’s 100 employees sent for health checks
30 Nov (Fri) – Prima Deli stopped all production and recalled two types of chocolate cakes
3 Dec (Mon) – Preliminary results out.
3 Dec (Mon) – MOH and AVA advise public to discard chocolate cakes from Prima Deli
4 Dec (Tue) – Reported on newspaper.

What did MOH and AVA do between 24 Nov till 3 Dec?
Why didn’t they announce earlier? The last case was on 26 Nov (One week ago). Which means the situation is more or less contained. Why announce when the cake are safe? Shouldn’t they issue the warning earlier? Furthermore they have stopped production of the cake since last friday.

So if you still have Prima Deli’s Chocolate Cake in your fridge, please discard them now. Even if they are not contaminated, they should be spoilt by now!

OK lah. Don’t worry. Their cakes should be safe now.

Congestion expected on Decayonnet

Lots of things that I want to blog lately. But yet to have the chance. It has been a busy weekend for me. So many things to blog, so little time. And the new iMac isn’t helping much. Still exploring the features. I’m getting more familiar with it now. But still need more time.

Here are some of the stuff that I’m going to blog about soon.

Tech65 50th podcast business discussion gathering
Eee PC at Sitex
Christmas deco on my office table
Christmas wishlist

I think there are more. Let me try to recall.
Now, all I need is time to sit down and write about them. And I need to transfer all my pictures to the iMac so that I can attach them to my blog entries.

Expect congestion of blog entries for the next few days.

Free coffee at Starbucks on 6 Dec 2007

It’s the annual Starbucks Christmas Open House.

Starbucks will be giving out free coffee on 6 Dec 2007 (Thursday) between 5pm to 7pm. You can make a donation of any amount and all proceeding will go to The Salvation Army. BTW: This only applies for Singapore Starbucks. Not sure if other countries have similar events too.

Expect long queues. For me, I’ll rather go on normal days so that I can enjoy my coffee peacefully.

99 days left

99 days left till end of contract. Meaning bonus and pay increment are coming. Yippie!

As usual, I’m starting the countdown on my whiteboard.

99 days left till end of contract
28 weekends
5 public holidays
2 leaves
64 working days left!!!!

To everyone, the just seems like random number. Unless I tell them the meaning, I doubt anyone would be able to guess what are they for.
OK, lets hope none of my colleagues reads this blog. If you do read this, don’t tell anyone what do those numbers mean. Especially my teamlead. :)

Hello MacOS

I finally got myself a iMac! WOOHOO!!
OK, I know some people will be saying “FINALLY!”. Yes, I’ve been saying I want to get a iMac for the longest time. Been searching for the best offer. Missed a few goods one, thinking the next one will be better. Until I’m so sick of disappointment that I decided “What the heck?”. Just buy one and get over with it. And here I am finally.

Spend the whole night clearing my table which was in a complete mess and unworthy of a iMac.

From this…

To this….

Simplicity is the “IN” thing now. Now I got lots of space on my computer table. You might be wondering, where are the rest of the stuff. Well, they are currently on the floor now. I think I need to find a box to keep them. Room is in a mess (which overflows to the living room too).

OK, this is a 20 inch iMac. I know I keep saying that I wanted to get a 24 inch iMac. But the plans sort of changed along the way. Decided to get a 20 inch iMac instead and use the remaining money for something else. :D

Now I’m feeling a bit alien to computer. Still not familiar with MacOS. And the ultra flat keyboard isn’t helping. Keep pressing the wrong keys. But generally, everything is great. Love expose! Love dashboard (Although I need more widgets).

Still need lots of exploring on MacOS. Especially the file structure and downloading files. (Confused over the mounting and stuff) And need to relearn the the shortcuts. -_-”’
Is there any online tutorial for MacOS newbie like me? Or maybe I should go library to borrow the “MacOS for Dummies”. Haha.

OK, will keep this entry short. Need to spend more time trying to figure out how to use MacOS. Lots of things explore. Lots of things to install. Well, at least the experience is a lot better than PC.

PS: This is my first entry written on a MacOS.