Went to see the doctor today. Flu and sore throat.

But sometimes I wonder is it my body that is sick, or am I just sick of everything that is happening?

8 Responses to 'Sick'

  1. xinyun says:

    take care…
    try to rest more :)

  2. DK says:

    Xinyun: Thx. :)

  3. Tianhong says:

    dude take care. rest well before cny else u gonna miss all the ba kua

  4. xiaoweini aka Berlin says:

    Hey.. Me too very sick now.. Take care of yourself.. Dun let it worsen.. ;)

  5. nicole says:

    take care dk! CNY around the corner… take liang teh ! :)

  6. chillycraps says:

    mind over body, dude!

    take care dk!

  7. themuxicbox says:

    Ganbatte DK~

  8. DK says:

    Thanks all. :)

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