Advertisement that pissed you off 2

Here is another advertisement that piss me off lately.

This advertisement is poping out in some of the blogs that I visit frequently. It’s not the advertisement subject or image. It’s that annoying sound from the advertisement. The sound is turned on by default. So everytime you visit a blog with that advertisement, you have to turn it off manually or endure that annoying sound. (and everytime you move to another page, you have to turn it off again)

The sound is very irritating. What message is the advertiser trying to convey? Are they trying to sayt that their vibrator makes this irritating “hmmm…. hmmmm….” sound? Who will buy a vibrator that produces such annoying sound?

5 Responses to 'Advertisement that pissed you off 2'

  1. Ignorantsoup says:

    Lol..Thank god my laptop is on mute..I think advertisements should stop this sound thingy. It irritates people more actually. Furthermore I wonder if the advert company actually informed those people that there is going to be sound.

  2. themuxicbox says:

    yeah my first reaction was “what’s that noise” instead of “what’s that sound”.

  3. DK says:

    Ignorantsoup: I have no idea.

    themusicbox: It too me a while to find out where the noise come from.

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