Prison Break Season 4 – The Limping Terrorist

Coming soon on Channel 5.   

**Update** Jean amended the picture and changed the words to “Toilet Break”. Nicely done. 

17 Responses to 'Prison Break Season 4 – The Limping Terrorist'

  1. hafriz says:

    more like toilet break, dude :P

  2. dk says:

    Hafriz: good idea. Hahaha.

  3. Tianhong says:

    put ur face lah. it will look better :)

  4. DK says:

    Tianhong: No lah. It will totally ruin the whole poster. :P

  5. WokkingMum says:

    Too funny! Good one!

  6. Han Cheng says:

    Go toilet is the best excuse. Ha Ha…

  7. Rising Dragon says:

    To Han Cheng – “Go toilet is the best excuse.” I guess u r right! We all did that while in school..hahaha

  8. Chris says:

    haha very nice.

    shall put it on my blog as well, credit will be given to you =)

  9. hahah.. thanks for the inspiration. Just wanted to help the nation. My promoshot’s for the new season :


  10. hota904 says:


  11. james says:

    Hi! prison break is verry interesting!

  12. mr.tlchen says:

    hey man…
    do u noe tat this picture is accidentally copy and post on a Chinese newspaper in Malaysia last time??
    they probably tot tat this is really the poster….

  13. dk says:

    mr.tlchen: Wow, really? Anyone took a photo of it? Would be very funny. :P

  14. tonia says:

    nice photo!!

  1. Michael Scofield As Mas Selamat…

    While we’re on the topic of disguises, plausible or otherwise…

    update: Michael Scofield and Mas Selamat shares the same initials! The mystery deepens.

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