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JI detainee escapes from Singapore detention centre

JI detainee escapes from Singapore detention centre.

Tagged as Singapore’s most wanted militant, he planned to crash a hijacked plane into Changi Airport. Hope they re-capture him soon.

Just wondering….. How did someone who walks with a limp managed to escape?


A massive police operation is underway in Singapore after the leader of the Jemaah Islamiyah network here, Mas Selamat Kastari, escaped from detention at 4.05pm on Wednesday.

A statement from the Home Affairs Ministry says Mas Selamat walks with a limp and is presently at large.

He is not known to be armed and is one of Singapore’s most wanted men.Extensive police resources have been deployed to track him down after he escaped from the Whitley Road Detention Centre.

PC Anti-theft software

Do you have a Windows laptop? According to FBI, 1 out of every 10 laptops will be stolen within 12 months of purchase.

Are you afraid that your laptop might get stolen? Well, good thing is there is a new software that helps increase the chances of recovering your stolen laptop. It’s call GadgetTrak for Windows. It’s from the maker of BAK2u and Verey I.

Taken from the website.

GadgetTrak for Windows PC, is a location tracking program that resides on your computer. When the system is moved to a new location it sends you the new location and network information via email. GadgetTrak for Windows PC provides accurate tracking results including the laptop public and private IP addresses, as well as host names. By providing the information to law enforcement the tracking results enable identification of the thief name, phone number and address.

GadgetTrak for Windows PC determines the location of the laptop by analyzing its network configuration information, including the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and hostname. This technology provides an accurate, pinpoint location anywhere in the world, and the results are sent to you automatically, with no active monitoring whatsoever, to protect your privacy.

This software is currently sold at S$59.90 for 12 months subscription.

But for a limited time only, you can get GadgetTrak for Windows PC at a special price of S$47.00 for 12 months subscription. That is a 20% discount off the usual price!!!

To order, email your name, email address, number of copies you wish to purchase and Promo code “DK”. (Must put Promo code to get the discount)

While stocks last.

This is an advertisement, but I wasn’t paid to write this.
(Ahem, someone better treat me dinner for this advertisement. :P )

Hello world

System.out.println(“Hello world.”);

Did I managed to fool you with my “Last blog entry” at my old blog? Haha. Just playing a prank with all of you. Well, those who knows me well will know that it’s quite impossible to make me stop blogging. I’ve stopped several times before, only to come crawling back to blog after a few days/weeks.

Welcome to my new blog. Everything still quite new here. But still the same DK blogging, except decaying at different location. Template and stuff might be changed. I’m still searching for the perfect wordpress template. Blog roll not ready yet. Should be up soon.

I’ve always wanted to get my own domain name. But it is hard to put down my old blog at I have to give up my Page Rank and Technorati ranking and rebuilt it from zero. And there is chances where I might lose some readers. It’s not easy to give up everything that I’ve got on my old blog.

But I know I can’t use blogspot forever. So it’s better to move now than later. If I can build up my Page Rank and Technorati Ranking in my old blog, I’m sure I’ll be able to do it again here. If I can’t, then perhaps I just deserved it.

It’s not easy to get this domain name, DK is a reserved keyword by SGNIC. (It’s the country code top-level domain for Denmark) In order to register this domain, I need to fax to them any documentation that justify using as my domain. It took me several weeks to get this domain. (Including some cockup and lost emails) Registering a .sg domain usually just takes a few hours.

But it is worth the effort. The domain name is short and truly represent me. :)

Then it took me quite a while to setup this blog. The procrastinator in me at work again. Must constantly remind myself of my 2008 New Year resolution #4.

So hang around and have fun.

Going to Geylang with Jean, 2 nights in a row

When Jean has the sudden urges for something, it takes more than one night to fully satisfy her desire. And the only place where you can satisfy her desire is at Geylang, land of the neon lights. You’ll find Hotel 81, Fragrance Hotel, and a whole chain of other smaller hotels at Geylang. But her urges cannot be settled at the hotel. She need more excitement than going hotel.

She has cravings for Soya Beancurd in the middle of the night. It’s Tou Hua, not Tou Fu hor.

Got a MSN message from Jean late Saturday night saying she feels like having Soya Beancurd. It’s like those pregnant women who for no reason have some sudden desire for food at some far corner of the world. And I knew that if a gal doesn’t get her cravings cured, all hell will break loose. So together with Ridz, we went on a mission to settle the lady’s craving in the middle of the night by bringing her to Geylang You Tiao Da Wang.

Only to discovered that the famous You Tiao Da Wang at Geylang Lor 9 is no longer there. I even drove round the place twice to confirm. We Couldn’t find it. Either they closed down or moved to a new location.

So we went over to Princep Street for Tou Hua. The Tou Hua is cheap and good. We managed to buy the last few bowl of Tou Hua, You Tiao and soya bean drink before they close for the day. It may not be as good as You Tiao Da Wang, but at least it can hold back Jean’s craving. The

The next day, I did some googling and discover that You Tiao Da Wang has moved to Geylang Lor 27A. No wonder we can’t find it that day.

So we went on another Tou Hua hunt last night after a session of bluff at Starbucks. This time round, we have Jean, Alice, Miccheng and Tian Hong. Ridz didn’t come because he wanted to sleep early. And the strangest thing is, his twitter message last night is almost the same as NTT’s. Take a look at these (Check out the timing of the twitter too):-

Ridz: gone to bed. my neck is killing me. good night world
NTT: needs a good nite sleep.. :(
Ridz: argh. i can’t sleep.
NTT: is unable to sleep..

Hmmm…. How come they the same thing at almost the same time? Are they together? Oops…. Sorry, I digress.

It wasn’t hard to find Geylang Lor 27A. The road system at Geylang is very systematic. If you travel along Geylang Road, the left side will be all the even number Lor while the right side will be the odd number Lor. Odd number Lor is where you find all the good food while even number Lor is where you find all the *cough* action *cough*.

Oops… Sorry, I digress again.

The standard of the Tou Hua seems to drop a bit, but it is still better than most Tou Hua in Singapore. And like bloggers always do, we spend several minutes taking photo of the food before eating.

Oh well, at least I managed to satisfy Jean’s craving, after visiting Geylang with her 2 nights in a row. Let’s hope her next craving isn’t at some remote corner of Singapore.

PS: This entry is written in response to Jean’s entry. Please do not poof me in for being misleading. :P

Friends for sale

I’ve been hooked on this Facebook apps lately. It’s call Friends for Sale.

The rules is very simple. Just buy your friends (make them your pets) and hope that someone buy them from you. Or someone buys you. You earn profits when someone buy you or your pets. Everytime someone is being purchased, his or her value goes up. It’s a fun and simple game.

The guys at are good at pushing someone’s value sky high. Most of the members are now very expensive. I think we need to buy someone from outside the group. Someone suggest a person to buy leh. :)

And for some reasons, nobody wants to buy me anymore. My value has been stuck at $144216 for quite some time already.

Somebody buy me leh.

On the side note: I think I piss off a famous Malaysian blogger in the game. Oh no. Now all her fans are going to kill me.