My farewell email

Yesterday was my last day at my company. It has been a tradition for the person who is leaving to write a farewell email and send to everyone he knows. (I guess it’s a tradition in every company) After receiving so many farewell email over the past 5 years, I finally got my chance to write my own.

Hi all

Today is my last day at XXX. It is my pleasure and honour to work with each and everyone of you. Thank you for your support over the past 5 years. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

For the ladies, I can be contacted at (I check this email everyday.)
For the guys, I can be contacted at (I check this email only when I free.)
For work related issue which you still need my help, feel free to email to (Self-explanatory)

Darryl Kang

And to top it up, I also wrote an out of office message in case people still email to my office email which I will not be checking anymore.

Oops. You are in trouble. My last day in XXX is 12 Mar 2008. Nobody will be reading this email anymore. Why are you still emailing to this account?

Please contact:
AAA for MMM/NNN issue.
BBB for OOO.
CCC for PPP issue
DDD/EEE for QQQ issue.
For personal matters, please email

I never mentioned my company name in my blog before. Reason being that I don’t want people to google for my company and land on my blog. But I guess there is no harm letting you guys know where I was working. So here is a picture of my office building.


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  1. Kenny says:


    Kenny’s last blog post..Rain Rain Go Away

  2. brian says:

    hahaha, DK.. siao boh? post the email that you always check on the net so that PR people like me can pitch more stuff to you ah?

    kind of defeats the purpose.. haha *jokes jokes*

    very funny, witty and charming -) looks like you made good friends in your workplace *grin*

    brian’s last blog post..Politik-mon: Hillary + Barack Vs McCain

  3. WishBoNe says:

    Now, why am I not surprised?

    I love your farewell email! Wished I had crafted that in the other company though. So fitting.

    WishBoNe’s last blog post..Nothing at IT Show

  4. NTT says:

    What?? You work at Sxxxxl?? :P

    NTT’s last blog post..The Indian Adventure..

  5. chillycraps says:

    What? You work at Serangoon North??

    chillycraps’s last blog post..cute ntu girl: “oh my god”

  6. xinyun says:

    omg… stinktel :P

  7. precious says:

    Haha, nice letter and gratz on landing a great new job!

    precious’s last blog post..Virus Passing

  8. Daphne Maia says:

    haha.. actually after seeing the picture at this post, i already knew where u worked :P

    well, anyway, ur letter is funny :)

    Daphne Maia’s last blog post..HR Talk: Do you hate your job?

  9. malique says:

    omg ghost car!

    malique’s last blog post..Tutorial – How To Do A Precise Selection!

  10. Miccheng says:

    Very nicely done… wish you all the best in the road ahead.

    Miccheng’s last blog post..Mac OSX Leopard – Solution for StarHub MaxMobile dial-up!

  11. Congrats on finally leaving :p

    arzhou (adrian)’s last blog post..I got my Diving license! aka Arzhou went diving!

  12. Nic says:

    Hey all the best to your new life! Looking forward to great stuff!

    Nic’s last blog post..Blog advertising is like outdoor advertising on vehicles?

  13. brian says:

    oh wow, i love this commentluv thingamebob! hahahaha, helps to highlight what else is going on in the web!

    brian’s last blog post..Politik-mon: Hillary + Barack Vs McCain

  14. Oohh.. U work @ SxxxxxL wor.. Hmm… All the best in ur new job.. Oh btw, nice farewell email.. Strikes me an idea when I am leaving my company too.. ;)

    Berlin aka xiaoweini’s last blog post..Excuse me.. But is this Singapore

  15. Gizmore says:

    I know where you workED !!!!! hahahahahah……

  16. DK says:

    Kenny: Yeap, you are right. (Sorry got to censor your comment. :P )

    Brian: The more PR company the merrier mah. :)

    Wishbone: You can always do it for your current company. :P

    NTT: I thought you know long time ago. :P (Paiseh, need to censor your comment too)

  17. DK says:

    CC: Yeap. How you know?

    Xinyun: Yeap yeap.

    Precious: No new job yet leh. You employing? :P

    Daphne: Haha. Didn’t censor that enough.

  18. DK says:

    Malique: Where where?? :P

    Miccheng & Arzhou: Thx. :)

    Nic: Thx. Yeap, sure am looking forward to them.

    Brian: Yeap, I love it too. Cool plugin to have on wordpress. :D

  19. DK says:

    Berlin: Thanks for your self censorship. Haha. When you drafting your farewell email? :P

  20. ClappingTree says:

    Hahaha! DK, your humor is a wonderful asset. Godspeed to your latest endeavours.

    ClappingTree’s last blog post..Uzyn, the next “Kevin Rose”?

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