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NTU Triple Sharing Hostel

Singapore really running out of land. So bad that the NTU hostel is considering on Triple Sharing room. Talk about threesome.

It really sucks to have so many people squeezed into one small room. They even have to put 1 table below the bed.

The students in NTU did voice their objections. Some decided to make interesting MTV and put them up on youtube. Check out this 2 that I found.

Very creative. They should consider song writing in the future if their jobs were snatched by Foreign Talents.

Glad to hear that they will scrap the plan. But the problem still exist. Are they going to build more hostel? Will it be harder to get a hostel in the future? I know friends who stays all the way in Tampines and couldn’t get a hostel in NTU. Quite poor thing. Talk about having to travel such long distance everyday for school. Those time can be better spend doing revision.

Actually, there is a simple solution to this problem. REDUCE THE FREAKING NUMBER OF FOREIGN STUDENTS IN NTU. KNN, the whole freaking University is like a University of Foreign Talents. Why the heck are we training them to bite us in the future. Reduce the number of China and India students. Singapore University should be meant for Singaporeans. We have tons of Singaporeans who are unable to get into local University and left with no choice but go oversea. Reduce the number of foreign student intake. Educate our own people first.

Upcoming events

Couple of events coming up lately.

28 Mar 2008 – Yebber 1st Anniversary
Happy Birthday to Yebber! The party will be at Mint Museum of Toys at Seah Street. Sounds interesting.

29 Mar 2008 9am – Social Media Breakfast: Singapore
Social Media Breakfast has been ongoing in several cities in the States. This is the first time someone is organising in Singapore. Sounds interesting. Good chance to meet the bloggers and the people in Social Media.

29 Mar 2008 10am – Web 2.0 – Emerging Industry Series
3 panel discussions on Alternative Energy, Interactive Digital Media and Web 2.0. Looks interesting. But it’s 10am. Social Media Breakfast is 9am. I’m thinking how am I going to attend both events. See how lah.

5 Apr 2008 – Live Recording: 65th Episode of 65Bits Podcast
The 65th episode of 65bit! WooHoo! The podcast is supposed to be on 29 Mar, but after seeing so many events taking place on that day, the crew of Tech65 decided to spare us the trouble of cutting ourselves into several pieces and postpone the podcast to 5th Apr. Cool. Thanks a lot guys.

If you notice, all the events are on Facebook. Can almost use facebook as my calendar. Haha.

My Mighty Mouse refuse to scroll down

I guess I haven’t been feeding my mighty mouse enough cheese lately. Without warning, the 3 months old mighty mouse decided to stop scrolling down. Initially I thought there is some problem with Safari. But all my application are having the same problem. So I guess it’s time to clean my mighty mouse. Before you misunderstood me, I do clean my mighty mouse every once in a while. But I guess it needs a good cleaning today since it refuse to scroll down.

But the mighty mouse still refuse to scroll down after cleaning. I guess there is some dirt blocking the scroll ball sensor. So I google on how to open the mighty mouse for cleaning and was shocked to discovered that you can’t open the mighty mouse. *Horror* Like that how to clean?

However, I did came across a forum discussion saying that you can try sliding a piece of paper thru the gap at the scroll ball to clean it. I tried and it works! Now I can scroll down again. :)

Bad design. Luckily there is a work around.

A day in DK’s life – 25 Mar 2008

800am: Woke up, check email did some work.

900am: Left home for our partner’s office at Kallang. Hate peak hours commute. Alight at Lavender MRT station and took a cab which cost just $4. Didn’t walk in because I don’t want to be sweaty in the meeting.

1000am: Reached partner’s office for meeting. I’m the only person representing Blog2u as Paddy and Diana are in Thailand meeting another partner. The meeting was great. Like the synergy between both companies. Going to love this partnership.

1145am: Meeting finally ended. Didn’t expect the meeting to last so long. Decided to walk to Lavender MRT station instead. It was a pleasant 10 minutes walk. Replied to couple of SMS that came in during the meeting.

1230pm: Meet Shanice at The Cathay for lunch. Went to The Indulge (again) cause I couldn’t think of any other good food nearby. It’s been at least a year since I met her. Did some catching up. She just started her new job couple of weeks ago. And she is still enjoying her honeymoon period with her boyfriend. Good for her. :)

130pm: Walk Shanice back to her office. Bump into her new lady boss. We think she might be thinking that I’m her boyfriend. *Slap forehead* Oh well, let her explain later. Sigh. Went over to Raffles City to check out the supermarket.

200pm: Nothing much to buy. Decide to go home instead. Check my emails using iPod Touch with wireless@sg near Sturbucks. Got some emails which I wanted to reply, but somehow I couldn’t send them out. Think something wrong with my email setting again. I thought I fixed it already. Oh well. Maybe reply those emails at home. I think I need a blackberry. Haha.

245pm: Reach home, reply emails and did some work. Luckily I got Shirley to help me out. At this rate we are going, we will need to employ more staff soon. Might be employing one more staff soon. Resume sitting in my mailbox. Still considering.

445pm: Time really flies when you are busy. Rush out of home to meet her.

500pm: Reached NUS, pick her up at the usual place and drove her to her friend’s house to collect some stuff. Head over to Beach Road for dinner.

600pm: Reached Golden Mile Food Centre. Wanted to try the pasta there, but the shop is closed. We had Char Kuay Tiao and Hokkien Mee instead. The Char Kuay Tiao is quite famous there as they uses no pork and no lard. Taste not bad, but something seems missing. Char Kuay Tiao just isn’t the same without pork and lard. It’s like driving a ferrari along Singapore road. We had waffles and Belgium chocolate for desert. Simply heavenly. Great stuff. Dying for more now.

700pm: Drove to a quiet spot by the sea for a chat and enjoying the great music playing on radio. It’s been a great day.

Is it possible to sell your life?

Well, an Australian guy is about to find out if it is possible to sell his life on ebay. Not exactly his life, but more of his lifestyle, house, car etc etc. Everything he owns is up for sale in 1 auction. Even his job and friends are included. At the end of the auction, he plans to walk out of his house with just the clothes he is wearing plus his wallet and passport.

Nope, I don’t think this is a joke. He claims that he is having mid life crisis after his wife left him. The auction will start on 22 June 2008 and ends on 29 June 2008.

This is kinda interesting. While some of you might find it crazy, I think it’s a great idea. But I won’t do something like this even if I have a very big mid life crisis. I don’t think I have the courage to do anything this crazy. Besides, who will want to buy my lifestyle? And no way am I going to give up my iMac!

But come to think of it, it would be nice to buy his lifestyle. The house looks nice. Would be nice to have a change of environment. But I don’t think I have enough money to buy it. Haha.

If you want to get a life, maybe can consider bidding for his.