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馬英九 won Taiwan Presidential election 2008

OK, I know I’m late in posting this. But congrats to Mr Ma Ying-jeou for winning the Presidential election.

I’ve always wished that Mr Ma win the election. At least cross straits relations between China and Taiwan will be more peaceful during his presidency.

Anyway, here is an election video by Mr Ma Ying-jeou. Looks great.

Why can’t political parties in Singapore advertise for their parties?

Bon Jovi – One step closer

Bon Jovi – One step closer

I’ve seen my heart of darkness
Let’s just say I crossed over that line
Held hands with the hopeless
In too deep on that ride went around one more time

When you’re standing on the edge you don’t look down
‘Till you’re ready and willing to fly

Now I’m one step closer
With my arms open wide here
I’m one step closer
And I’m willing to try this time

I hitched a ride with forgiveness
In that river of emotion I went down a third time
I spent the night with the living
Took a chance looked inside didn’t know who I’d find

Standing on the corner of that lone goodbye
All alone, it’s there I made up my mind

Yeah I’m one step closer
With my arms open wide here
I’m one step closer
And I’m willing to try

I’m sick of giving up
Ooh, with a little luck
I’m gonna get out of here

When you’re standing on the edge don’t look down
‘Till you’re ready and willing to fly

I’m one step closer
With my arms open wide here
I’m one step closer
And I’m willing to try

I’m one step closer
I’m one step closer
And I’m willing to try

Unemployed, 12 days later

It has been 12 days since I left my work. If you ask me how am I enjoying life of unemployment, I would tell you frankly that the feeling haven’t sink in yet. Somehow, it feels like a long holiday. Or rather, it doesn’t seem long to me. It seems like just a couple of days ago when I left the company.

I spend the past 12 days relaxing and resting. After working for 5 years, I guess this break is god send. I love the fact that I can go café and drink coffee on a weekday afternoon as and when I like. Or hang out late at night and not worry that I need to wake up early the next day.

But after resting for 12 days, I guess it’s time to get myself back and start to work on some serious stuff.

Lots of things happening over at Blog2u. Everything just come rushing in all at one go. It’s a good problem to have, but we need to handle them well.

It’s also time I start de-rusting my brain and start some programming work. For a start, I’m going to pickup PHP. Yes, I know I have been saying that for the longest period. But I think I finally got the time to do it now. After I learn PHP, I’ll do some project that has been in my brain for the longest period. The reason why I bought webhosting is not for blogging, but more for the projects that I have in mind.

And if time permits, I think I would pick up another programming language. Hee hee.

The problem with all these plans is that, they aren’t generating any income. Well, not yet. Living on savings isn’t exactly something fun even though I have enough savings to last me for more than a year. But well, sometime you need to lose some things to gain more things.

Just like what they say: Don’t think. Just dig a hole and jump in. Either you climb out or you get buried inside.

I will climb out.

The new BMW Hydrogen 7 – Tomorrow’s solution. Today.


I was invited by Brian from Ogilvy to visit the BMW Hydrogen 7 showroom at the corner of Beach Road and Ophir road. Together with Jean and Highway blogger, we were given an introduction of the place and given a joy ride on the new BMW Hydrogen 7 car.

dsc03488.JPG dsc03479.JPG

dsc03485.JPG dsc03465.JPG

The BMW Hydrogen 7 is just like any car you see on the road. OK, maybe I should say just like any BMW car you see on the road. The special thing about this car is that it has 2 gas tank, one for normal petrol and the other one is for hydrogen. Yes, this car runs on hydrogen. There is a button on the steering wheel that controls which fuel to use. The good thing about running on hydrogen is that it does not produces any pollution. Car running on hydrogen only produces water vapour which is not harmful to the environment. Hydrogen is the future. Because of the dual fuel tank, a small portion of the boot is taken up by the thick hydrogen tank.


The BMW Hydrogen 7 car isn’t for sale now. It will take another 5 to 10 years before we start seeing mass production of cars using hydrogen. Although you can’t buy the BMW Hydrogen 7 now, BMW will lease the car to High-profile celebrities. From what I understand, nobody in Singapore got the invite. Let’s hope maybe we’ll get one in the future.

Switching between Hydrogen and Petrol is as easy as pressing a button on the steering wheel. During the joy ride, we tried switching from Hydrogen to Petrol then back to Hydrogen while moving on the road. The only hint that a switch was made was a small soft “click” sound coming from the valve. Other than that, you can’t tell any difference.

The joy ride was great. The steering wheel is on the left hand side. So we aren’t allow to drive it even though all 3 of us has driving license and one of us is good at drifting. (Not me, even though my initial is DK – Drift King) The ride was very comfortable. Well, this is a BMW 7 series, what do you expect? The driver drove to Tekka mall and make a U-turn back. A little too short for me since I’m really enjoying the comfort in the car.


The only thing about hydrogen is that currently, most hydrogen are produced using fossil fuels. This still causes pollution to the environment. The idea way to create hydrogen is using solar or wind power. I’m sure they are working on that. Personally, I think the BMW Hydrogen 7 is the future. I’m glad that I was given this chance to have a sneak peak into the future. Many thanks to BMW, Ogilvy and Brian for the invite.


Do visit the showroom if you are free this weekend. The showroom opens daily from 9am to 8pm till March 23.

A day in DK’s life – 19 Mar 2008

1030am: Woke up, bought breakfast from McDonalds. Can’t remember when was the last time I had McDonalds for breakfast.

11am: Clear email and did some work.

12pm: My sis, aka my financial planner, came over to get me sign some document. I feel safe putting my money with her and seldom question her recommendation. She just got a Fujitsu tablet laptop. All my signing is done on the tablet itself. Paperless is the way to go. Continue to work on some stuff after signing the documents.

3pm: Still raining. Looks like our prayers for a dry day didn’t work.

330pm: Left home. Since dad not going out, I drove his car. Went over to fetch Jean.

430pm: Reached BMW Hydrogen 7 exhibition near Bugis Junction. Met up with Brian from Ogilvy and Highway blogger. We had an introduction to the new BMW Hydrogen 7 and followed by a joy ride. It was a great experience. Thanks to BMW, Ogilvy and Brian for the invite. Will blog more about the event later. The exhibition is at the corner of Beach Road and Ophir road. It is from now till 23 March 2008. 9am to 5pm on weekdays and 9am to 8pm on weekends. Visit the exhibition if you got the chance.

6pm: Left the showroom. Hanged around at bugis junction for a short while before deciding to head for Cathay for dinner.

630pm: Had dinner at Cathay, The Indulge with Jean. The pasta is great. I’m not a chicken wing person, but the chicken wings there are good.

730pm: Went to the Singapore PHP user group meetup. Was feeling abit sleepy due to the heavy dinner. I won the lucky draw again. This time, it’s a book call “PHP Objects, patterns and practice” by Matt Zandstra. Just what I needed.

11pm: Went to Prinsep street for Tou Huay with Alice and Jean before going home. It’s been a great day, especially the BMW event.