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Luna Sea – I for you

I used to love this song alot even though I don’t understand Japanese.
Was using it as my handphone ringtone for the longest period before changing.

Luna Sea – I for you

You told me
That you couldn’t love anybody
I finally realised what you meant
When I saw that you were afraid of everybody

How ironic is it
If us two met
only to get hurt?

With all my heart
I have to tell you this
All I want to see is the real you

You still don’t smile very well
Because even now, you still wear sadness around you

If the only reason I was born
was so I could meet you,
do you think I’ll be able to change everything?

With all my heart
I have to tell you this
We’re hurt, but we’ve still got time
With all my love
I love you
I want to wipe away
All the pain that falls on you
I for You

With all my heart
I have to tell you this
If only you could smile at me like that
With all my love
I love you
I want to gather every piece of light
and give it all to you
I for You

My farewell email

Yesterday was my last day at my company. It has been a tradition for the person who is leaving to write a farewell email and send to everyone he knows. (I guess it’s a tradition in every company) After receiving so many farewell email over the past 5 years, I finally got my chance to write my own.

Hi all

Today is my last day at XXX. It is my pleasure and honour to work with each and everyone of you. Thank you for your support over the past 5 years. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

For the ladies, I can be contacted at (I check this email everyday.)
For the guys, I can be contacted at (I check this email only when I free.)
For work related issue which you still need my help, feel free to email to (Self-explanatory)

Darryl Kang

And to top it up, I also wrote an out of office message in case people still email to my office email which I will not be checking anymore.

Oops. You are in trouble. My last day in XXX is 12 Mar 2008. Nobody will be reading this email anymore. Why are you still emailing to this account?

Please contact:
AAA for MMM/NNN issue.
BBB for OOO.
CCC for PPP issue
DDD/EEE for QQQ issue.
For personal matters, please email

I never mentioned my company name in my blog before. Reason being that I don’t want people to google for my company and land on my blog. But I guess there is no harm letting you guys know where I was working. So here is a picture of my office building.


One step closer to Minority Report

Remember the computer interface in Minority Report? The wide screen and hand gesture to control objects on computer.

Well, we are not far away from that.

This is so cool. Can I have that for my birthday? Please….
(I wonder what OS is it? Hope it’s a MacOS. :D )

Who pays the fines? SMRT or Passengers?

LTA slapped SMRT with a S$387,176 fine for the 7 hours train disruption on 21 Jan 2008. My first thought when I hear the new was, who is the person being fined? SMRT or Passengers? While the fine is imposed on SMRT, we all know that SMRT will surely apply for another fare hike later this year to recover the amount lost.

SMRT passengers are the ones who were affected by the train disruption. And later, they will also be the one who pays for the fines. Is that fair?

The idea of imposing a fine on someone is to make them feel the pain so that they will not commit the same error again. But for this case, I don’t see why SMRT will feel the pain after paying the fine. Just include the fine as lost of revenue and they can apply for a higher fare hike. Isn’t that good?

Instead of punishing them in terms of money, why not punish them in terms of numbers of years which they cannot apply fare hike?

SMRT fined almost S$400,000 for 7-hour train disruption in January

SMRT will be fined almost S$400,000 for the severe disruption to its train services on 21 January.

The Land Transport Authority, which imposed the S$387,176 fine, has given SMRT up to two weeks to justify why that the penalty should not be imposed.

The LTA concluded that the 7-hour disruption was due to SMRT’s working party not complying with operating procedures. This was specifically on securing the parked portion of the maintenance train, which comprised a locomotive and a wagon.

According to operating procedures, during maintenance works, the portion comprising a locomotive and a RGV (Rail Grinding Vehicle) will proceed with its works, while the portion of the maintenance train is detached and parked at a distance from the working zone.

However, investigations from LTA and SMRT showed that on 21 January, SMRT did not apply the locomotive’s parking brake. There was also no wheel chock placed to prevent movement along the gradient of the track.

If SMRT had followed operating procedures, a roll-back would have been prevented.

Some 57,000 MRT passengers in the eastern part of Singapore were affected by the disruption, which occurred in the morning.

Train services were disrupted for seven hours and 17 minutes between Tanah Merah and Pasir Ris MRT stations.

Loosing it

A friend of mine commented recently that my blog getting boring ever since I moved to this new domain. I can’t help but agree with her. I think I’m loosing the magical touch.

It must be the blogger’s block. Yes, it’s back. The old blogger’s block friend is back to haunt me. It sucks to have blogger’s block.

To make things worse, I’m still not very used to the wordpress environment. I’ve discovered that there is a bug with wordpress when using Safari. The text spacing will be messed up if you reopen a draft. Attaching picture is quite troublesome too. In the past blogger helps you resize the picture. But wordpress doesn’t. (Or maybe it just, just that I don’t know how) I have to manually add the width and the height myself. Kinda hassle. Is there a better work around?

So please excuse me while I chase away that blogger’s block of mine and get my stupid brain to get used to the wordpress interface.
Let’s hope I’ll be able to get back to my old blogging self soon.