I work at Starbucks

What do you do when your meeting ends at 12pm and you have another appointment at 7pm?
I can choose to go home and waste 1 hour plus on traveling to and fro town area. But I decided to stay outside. Find a nearest Starbucks and setup my mobile office.

Laptop, checked.
Mobile broadband, checked.
PDA, checked.
iPod touch, checked.
Mocha, checked.
Ice water, checked.
The good thing about Starbucks nowadays is that they provide lots of powerpoint for laptop users. Some branch even provide multi-plugs when there are many customers. Although most Starbucks has wireless@sg, mobile broadband is recommended if you need a decent internet connection. Can die using wireless@sg.
I work at Starbucks. 🙂


  1. Haha, guess Starbucks is your mobile office on the road dude!
    Ok, now I am even more tempted to buy the Passport. 😛 For my weekend fix that is.
    nicole’s last blog post..hate

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