I submitted an article to Tomorrow.sg….

and it became a Special Feature.

OK, I have no idea how or why come it became tomorrow.sg Special Feature. But I’m sure it’s going to open a pandora box for M1.

Enhance user experience by making the picture blur? You guys are so asking for it lor…..

2 Responses to 'I submitted an article to Tomorrow.sg….'

  1. Paddy Tan says:

    Initially I thought that it was my browser that was having problem but on loading with another one, same thing happened.

    I dont know about optimization but it looks more like they are rendering partial of the entire images to save on the bandwidth.

  2. QuaChee says:

    Usually Tomorrow.Sg feature interesting topics which I think are closely related to the country. Some of my posts have been accepted too, and that is quite nice of them to feature it :)

    QuaChee’s last blog post..To The Olympics On Volkswagen

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