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Reading back

Couldn’t sleep. So I decided to read back on what I’ve written on my blog in the past….. all the way till entries that are more than 2 years old.

They sure brings back lots of memories.

One more long weekend for 2008

Deepavali this year will fall on 27 Oct instead of 28 Oct. Yeap. Ministry of Manpower initially announced that Deepavali will be on 28 Oct. But need to check against the Indian Almanacs when they became available.

Now that the Indian Almanacs is available, it is confirmed that Deepavali will be on 27 Oct (Monday) instead of 28 Oct.

Which means another long weekend. :)

Linkin Park – Pushing Me Away

Why I never walked away
Why I played myself this way
Now I see your testing me pushes me away

Top 10 reason why Homer Simpson should be the next president

Forget about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John McCain. Vote for Homer Simpson instead.

Here is the top 10 reason.

I personally love #10.

I’m smarter than the last guy

Very true.

Would you know if I didn’t tell you that….

Would you know if I didn’t tell you that some of the blog entries that were posted this week are actually written on Sunday and Monday?

New Battery for my K800i
Bringing my money elsewhere
Sim Lim Square wireless@sg down for 2 months

Who is complacent anyway?
An imaginary conversation that took place between 3:54pm and 4:05pm

What to do? Been busy on weekdays. Don’t want to leave this blog empty for too long. Have to pre-write all the entries when I’m free. Luckily wordpress can allow us to write now and publish later. Cool features.

PS: This blog entry is written today.