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Sim Lim Square wireless@sg down for 2 months

If you read my blog frequently, you will notice that I’m always complaining about wireless@sg. The thing is, the service is really horrible. In fact, I’m writing this article at a place with wireless@sg, but couldn’t connect to the internet. In the end, I have to use mobile broadband.

And because I keep complaining about wireless@sg, my old blog is now the 4th result in google if you search for the word wireless@sg. On top of Qmax and iCell website. OUCH.

And I’m not the only person complaining about wireless@sg. There are lots of complains about it, but these complains will most likely not be published on the mainstream media. The mainstream media still wants us to believe that wireless@sg is very good.

I got an interesting comment by one of the blog reader who posted his complain letters to wireless@sg and IDA. Below is the quote.

Dear CS,
Your service at Sim Lim Square level 6th has been down for almost 2 months. In year 2006
East Asia suffered nearly two months of outages and slow service after an earthquake damaged undersea cables near Taiwan. Even a damaged undersea cable can be fixed within two months period. Therefor, there is not reason you can’t complete your maintenance by now.
Thank you.

And below is the reply he got.

We understand your concerns. As the maintenance we are conducting in comparison to the incident you have made references to the Taiwan earthquake are vastly different, we seek your understanding in this matter.

Thank you.

I must agree with the CS. How can compare wireless@sg with the undersea cable?

For the Taiwan earthquake where the undersea cable broke, they only need to repair broken cables. Pretty straight forward.

For wireless@sg, everything needs to be fixed. From the top level management who decides the wireless@sg policy, the 3 service providers, the backbone and all the way to the routers that is serving the hotspot.

2 months where got enough time to repair everything?

A day in DK’s life – 23 Apr 2008

800am: Woke up, clear email and stuff.

915am: Left home for client’s office. Long time never wear shirt and pants.

950am: Reach client place for a short presentation. Everything looks good.

1100am: Went for breakfast/lunch at nearby hawker center.

1145am: Went back office to get some stuff done.

200pm: Still doing my work in office. Initially planned to present the easySafe lucky draw prize to the winner. But he couldn’t make it today. So will present the prize to him on a later date.

300pm: Meet up with one of our partner at Bugis TCC. Had a very fruitful discussion. Looking forward to their new product launch.

400pm: First interviewee arrived. Still having discussion with our partner. So I did the interview with her first while Paddy continue the discussion with the partner. Damn, should have allocated more time for the discussion.

415pm: Basically finish asking everything I need to ask. Paddy came over to grill her for second round.

430pm: Interview with first interviewee completed. 2nd interviewee arrived just in time. Paddy did the interview with her while I went back to chat and discuss some stuff with our partner.

545pm: Paddy finally finished interview. We wrap up the discussion with our partner and arrange to meet up again next week to discuss in further details. Things are looking good. Left TCC and discuss some stuff with Paddy. Suddenly got some very interesting idea.

630pm: Paddy went for his other meeting and I’m left hanging around. Last minute appointment cancelled. Don’t want to travel during peak hours. So I hang around Raffles City area.

700pm: Got a sudden craving for Carl’s Jr. Decided to walk over to Marina Sq. Couldn’t finish a meal by myself. I think my stomach has shrunk lately.

800pm: Ridz decides to come Raffles City Starbucks to do some work. I met him for a cup of coffee and have some interesting discussion with him. I always enjoyed chatting with Ridz. He is full of interesting ideas.

1115pm: Decided to leave Starbucks and head home. It’s been another long day.

Bringing my money elsewhere

I was having a meeting with client last week at Bugis TCC. The meeting went well despite the 180 change in direction and the fact that all the stuff that we done previously is going into the trash bin. Oh well, I guess that is common. Will get used to it.

Anyway, the meeting ended within an hour and the client left. I decided to stay behind grab another drink, have a small bite and do some work. So I took out my laptop, power adaptor and plug it to the nearest powerpoint. No power. Strange. I tried the other powerpoint, also no power.

I call the waitress for the menu and ask why the powerpoint has no power. She said that they switch off all the power on the powerpoint. I guess it is to prevent people from staying too long at their cafe. I know it is their management’s instructions and there is no point talking too much about it.

So I told her to forget the menu and give me bill instead. I’m bringing my money elsewhere.

Singapore is a freaking small place

I just re-discovered that Singapore is a freaking small place.

Help my friend bring 3 little kittens that he found lately to the vet. After the vet, I brought the kitten to his friend place as he will be busy for the next few days and wouldn’t have time to take care of the kitten.

When I reach the place, his friend is not in but her husband is at home. I find him very familiar, but can’t recall where I seen him before. It took me short while to recall that he is actually Shelly‘s husband. I’ve seen his photos in her blog! Why am I so stupid? I should I known it is her when they told me her name and her address. I knew she stays around that area.

Singapore is a freaking small place. Didn’t expect my friend to know her too.

Then I suddenly recalled that she wrote a twitter message the night before.

WAH PIANG! I’m sitting on the floor!!!!!

Regarding the so called “DK-effect”

I don’t usually respond to groundless accusations. But this time, it has involved too many parties and I think I need to clarify some stuff. Have to use my blog instead of the comment page as this is going to be a super long story.

Just a background on what happen yesterday. We were playing a joke on Jean, saying that any entries with her name would hit top 10 within a few hours. So I posted an article with Jean’s name on the title and asked Ridzuan to help pong that article. It was a joke and a one time incident. If anyone felt offended by this joke, I would like to take this chance to apologise to you.

But I’m utterly disappointed when I saw the blog article talking about the incident as if it always happen. Just because he saw it once, he wrote the article in a manner that it portray the incident as a everyday event among the regulars in I feel that the article is making groundless accusation, not just on me, but the regulars in Most of the regulars in write excellent article and their blog entries deserve to be in the top 10 based on their own rights. By suggesting that regulars pong each other’s entries in is suggesting that the regulars gang up and cheat the system. I’m sorry to all the regulars in that my one action causes you and your reputation to be tarnished.

And do note that all along, I mentioned regulars. I did not use the word elite and don’t think anyone in the community should be called an elite. is a community. Everyone is free to signup Everyone is allowed to join the gathering organised by The details about gathering are all posted on forums and we do not bar anyone from attending. I think that it is very insulting to the entire community by saying that the regulars formed an elite group. That has never happen and will never happen.

The reason why the regulars often pong other regular’s entries is not because we are trying to knock down the non-regulars. We click the entries because over the time, we have become friends with each other and want to find out more about what our friends are doing. There is never the intention to knock down the non-regulars. I feel that this is a very unfair accusation made without any proof. So what do you expect the regulars to do? Not make friends with each other? Or not read about what our friend wrote in their blog?

There is never a barrier to prevent anyone to join the community. The door is always open. Anyone is free to join in the conversation in the shoutbox or join the gathering. And when you start making friends, naturally you will find more and more friends reading your blog. The idea about is not just a collection of blogs. Its a community. If you are active in the community, naturally more people would want to know you more by reading your blog. I don’t think this should be considered cheating.

I’m very disappointed that someone would blast the entire community with such groundless accusation. I’m more disappointed that the person is trying to use this case to justify creating multiple nick for pong cheating. If we were to allow this to happen, then the whole entire community will close down because everyone is cheating.

I hope that article will not tear the entire community into pieces. I have been in this great community for more than 1 year. I would not allow anyone to tarnish the reputation of the regulars in the community. Neither will I allow anyone to make groundless accusation about the whole community.