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An imaginary conversation that took place between 3:54pm and 4:05pm

After reading the Mas Selamet report, I came out with an imaginary conversation that took place between 3:54pm and 4:05pm.

Gurkha 1: Eh, How come he take so long 1 huh?

Gurkha 2: Don’t know leh.

Gurkha 1: Then how? Handbook never say what to do when detainee took long toilet break leh.

Gurkha 2: You sure don’t have?

Gurkha 1: Confirm don’t have. I was reading when he inside the shower.

Gurkha 2: OK, I go check with the SDO.

Female SDO: Haven’t come out? How huh? I cannot kick open the door. I female.

Gurkha 2: Then how? You incharge here leh. Our handbook didn’t say what we should do. Can we kick open the door?

Female SDO: No no, you don’t have the security clearance to kick open the door. Wait report how to write?

Gurkha 2: Then how? He inside there very long liao.

Female SDO: But I female, I not enough strength to kick the door open.

Gurkha 2: Then how? What if he escape?

Female SDO: I know, I go find a male SDO to kick the door. You all wait lah. Ask that Mas Salemat guy to stay there don’t move first.


You must be wondering why I came up with this imaginary conversation. 3 people guarding Mas Salemat. 2 Gurkha Guards and a female SDO. None of them kick the door open when he stayed inside too long. Instead they go find another male SDO to kick the door open. What the hell were they thinking?

Who is complacent anyway?

The Executive Summary of Committee of Inquiry (COI) for the Mas Salemat escape is out. After reading it, I start to wonder… who is complacent anyway?

There was a physical security breach as the ventilation window in the toilet – from which Mas Selamat made his escape – did not have grilles.

Who is complacent anyway? ISD or Singaporeans?

During renovations in 2007, grilles had not been fixed to that particular toilet window due to a misunderstanding between the ISD and the contractor.

Who is complacent anyway? ISD or Singaporeans?

The superintendent of the centre, who was alerted to this weakness in May 2007, asked the contractor to saw off the window handle as a security measure instead

Who is complacent anyway? ISD or Singaporeans?

The guards watching Mas Selamat allowed him to close the door of the urinal cubicle when they should not have done so.

Who is complacent anyway? ISD or Singaporeans?

There was a physical weakness in the perimeter fencing outside the Family Visitation Block, where the toilet was located, which made it easier for Mas Selamat to get out of the detention centre’s premises.

Who is complacent anyway? ISD or Singaporeans?

Answer: Singaporeans lah. MM Lee say liao, Singaporeans are complacent. Anyone here dare to dispute his claims?

My feelings at 3am

Simplyjean is Power Blogger!

Cobalt Paladin said that I’m a Power Blogger because I merely talk about dinner at 3am and it went to top 10 in Despite the fact that I post it in the middle of the night on Saturday.

But seriously, I don’t think I deserve this title. Just look at today’s top 10 list. 4 entries by Simplyjean on top 10! If she is not the Power Blogger, I don’t know who is.

P.S. If this posts get into top 10 in, it is because her name was being mentioned. Nothing to do with me. I’m not worthy.

New Battery for my K800i

I’ve been using my K800i for almost 1 1/2 year. It’s been quite some time since I last use a handphone for so long. Usually I would have upgraded to another phone after one year. But this time round, I didn’t upgrade. There isn’t any phone in the market that I like now. And I still love the camera on the K800i a lot. It’s going to take a very good camera phone to make me change handphone.

They say that a handphone battery can usually last around one year plus. They are right. The phone’s battery start becoming cranky lately. So bad that I can’t talk on the phone for more than 10 minutes. The funny thing is, the battery drains very fast when I’m talking on the phone. But when I stop, the battery level will actually go up.

It’s frustrating when you can’t talk on the phone for long. Especially when there is some life and death issue. Left with no choice, I decided to buy a new battery.

Believe or not, this is the first time I bought new battery for my handphone. I would have usually changed my handphone before the battery could die.