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Dinner at 3am

Been a long day. Finally could find time for dinner. At 3am!!!
I could have gone to sleep with an empty stomach. But I decided to grab some food.

20 pieces of McNuggets
1 large fries
1 bottle of hoegaarden

Sometimes, it’s these little things that make the tough times easier to bear.

Ultra cool head tracking for VR displays using the WiiRemote

This is ultra cool. Using WiiRemote as head tracking for virtual reality display. It made the whole VR display look more realistic. Super cool.

Is this the future of games computing?
Look at the video response he got. He was even invited to speak at TED. Salute to the guy for coming up with such a good idea and also sharing it online for free.

Let’s hope to see some new games using his concept.

BLOG2u is hiring

BLOG2u is hiring!!

Sales Executive (2 Positions)

– With some experience in the advertising industry, blogging industry.
– Work from home (yes, there is no need to work in office)
– Flexible working hours (we let you manage your time, just show results)

Send us your resume to custsvc AT and we will contact you directly for an interview.

I’m a human!! Let me post a comment!!!

Sometimes, I really really cannot stand those word verification on blog comments.

So what exactly is this?
Is it “actxand”? Or “adxand”? Or “aclxand”? Or “acbcand”?
And I only got one chance.

They told me nevermind, if I cannot get it right, they will give me a new one. Sure…. But I ended up trying 6 times before I can post a comment.

Who are they trying to block? Human or Spam Bot?
Sometimes, I get so pissed off by these word verifications that I decided not to post a comment after several tries.

For goodness sake, I’m a human!! Let me post a comment!!!

1 month and few days later

Time really flies. I wanted to write a blog entry on the 1 month anniversary of leaving my ex-company. But I was so busy that I actually forgotten about it. Damn, should have set a calendar alert on my PDA.

Life has been good since leaving the company. I find myself more cheerful, doing things that I enjoy. No more long travel from Lakeside to AMK and transfer bus every day. Could go anywhere I like, at any hour. Life has never been better.

I met a few ex-colleagues for lunch last week. Seems like things are getting worst after I left. There was a re-org in the team. My teamlead has been promoted (To don’t know what) and my sub-teamlead has been promoted to teamlead. Seems like everyone above me got a promotion after I left. Maybe it’s their reward for finally getting rid of me. Haha. The entire re-org was rather bad. The workload became more unbalance. I’m glad I left before the re-org. Feel sorry for the rest of my ex-colleagues who are still stuck there.

Happen to bump into a ex-colleague’s blog yesterday. She is not from my team. In fact, I never spoke to her before. Just seen her in the company. She is also having a bad time and counting down to her end of contract. Shared with her a tip on how to motivate herself while counting down to that 100++ days. Just write the number of days left on the whiteboard and update it every morning.

So what have I been doing for the past 1 month? It’s hard to explain. They say that if you enjoy what you are doing, then it isn’t work anymore.

And so I always tell people that I’m currently unemployed.

I’m doing some interesting stuff at BLOG2u. It is a great learning experience. Lots of new and interesting stuff happening. Enjoying every single moment.

My only complain is that it is taking up a lot of my time and that I don’t have time for my other world domination plans. But maybe that is because BLOG2u is still at its early stage and has lots of work to do. Once everything stabilized, I should be able to focus on my other plans.

Life couldn’t be any better than this.