iPod or Zen – Tough choice

Remember last time when I blog about Creative pushing advertisement at the bottom of your web browser when you are on Qmax Wireless@sg? Someone suggested that I take a snapshot of that advertisement on Apple website. Here you go.

Haha. It’s not everyday you get to see a company advertising on a competitor’s website.

I still get the weird feeling whenever I’m using Qmax wireless@sg. Don’t like their shameless way of inserting advertisement at the bottom of every webpage that we visit. True enough that this is a free WIFI network. But the other two wireless@sg service provider didn’t do that. Didn’t IDA pay them enough?

The same question still lingers in my head. Can website owners sue creative for forcing advertisement on their website?

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  1. kahwee says:

    ridz told me about this too. this just didn’t seem ethical in the business

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