Oops…. No more loopholes

Remember I mentioned that you can still access website like playboy and youporn that are blocked by MDA? Just key the URL without the “WWW”. Looks like MDA discovered the loophole and fixed it.

Tough luck guys.

But the thing is, why bother blocking them in the first place? There are tons of such sites online. How many can they block?

6 Responses to 'Oops…. No more loopholes'

  1. Shannon says:

    Bummer. Word must have got out.

    Shannons last blog post..Small Girl Big Appetite released on Podfire!

  2. Sham says:

    of course word have gotten out. DK is a popular guy mah :) – after change of blog still can shoot up the ranks!


    Shams last blog post..The Importance of a Sitemap

  3. dk says:

    Shannon: Why? Disappointed? :P

    Sham: Not me wor. I not responsible. Others been talking about this widely known loophole too. hee hee

  4. NTT says:

    I wonder where you find such accurate and up to date information about porn sites…. Hmmmm…

    NTTs last blog post..It will be a cold day in Singapore…

  5. dk says:

    NTT: Cannot tell. Wait you go there and post the news on your blog. :P

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