Wireless@sg? Where?

Took this photo while standing infront behind the “Enjoy Wireless@sg here” logo.

What Wireless@sg? Where got?

4 Responses to 'Wireless@sg? Where?'

  1. hendri says:

    That’s why I always say that the part that Wireless@SG did right was the “less” part.

  2. Haha! Maybe they forgot to switch on the router?

    fitnessdesigncoachs last blog post..It’s 12 am and what did I do?

  3. drag8on says:

    maybe ur mobile phone is not in range wif the network… , but i wonder why my PLAY STATION PORTABLE ( PSP ) could detect wireless@SG everywhere in singapore????? or did ur phone support this type of network ???

  4. dk says:

    drag8on: No lah. Usually can detect wireless@sg network 1. But the network was down that time.

    Your PSP can detect wireless@sg everywhere in Singapore? Hmmm…. Something is wrong. :P

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