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Locals cannot salary adjustment. Foreigners can.

24 Apr 2008

Raising wages to address rising costs not the right solution

Raising wages to address the issue of rising costs may be an enticing option but that is not the right solution, said Acting Manpower Minister Gan Kim Yong.

He said adjusting wages upwards to meet rising prices would only result in a “price-wage spiral” and Singaporeans should look at the bigger picture.

“What is more important is for us to have a realistic expectation of wages that reflect the underlying economic strength of our industries and also of our productivity. That will allow us to ensure that our economy will be able to sustain its growth momentum,” said Mr Gan.

5 May 2008

Industries urged to give foreign workers proper pay package

Industries need to provide proper remuneration and recognition to retain foreign workers in Singapore especially in the construction sector, according to Senior Minister of State for National Development, Grace Fu.

She was responding to media queries on manpower shortage in this sector, which is expected to remain robust for the next two years.

Ms Fu also gave an update on what the government is doing to help meet the demand for workers. This includes setting up more skills training centres overseas.

She said: “By doing so, we’re expanding the (pool of) workers, but at the same time, we want to make sure they are well-trained before they come over. So that’s really striking a balance between having more supply and at the same time, ensuring that some minimum standards apply.

No wonders the locals are getting frustrated and leaving the country. The government actually cares more about the foreigners than locals.

Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence – The Open Room

Ok, I must be the last person among the attendees to blog about this. Haha. Paiseh. Been super busy and no time to really sit down and write a good entry about this great event.

I was invited by Brian to the Ogilvy Centre for The Open Room networking event between bloggers and companies. This is the 2nd time I’ve been to Ogilvy office. I was there once back in Dec 07 for their Champagne and Strawberries Media Night. Still remember how cool the break out area is. Wanted to send my resume over after the event, but discovered that I don’t have any experience in PR. Haha

The Open Room was held at the same comfortable room. It was already crowded when I arrived. Companies like Nokia, Canon, Sony Playstation and Intel set up a small booth to demo their latest product. Love the new HD video cam by canon. Super small and light weight. Can I have it for my birthday? Pleaseeee… Haha.

John Bell, head of Ogilvy PR’s global 360° Digital Influence and board member of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), gave us a short introduction on Ogilvy’s Digital Influence and their Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics. It’s a great policy. Hope that all PR company will do something similar when engaging the bloggers.

After the speech, it was networking session. I have the pleasure to speak to the marketing manager of several large MNC. It was a fruitful event. I did play around with the demo products. But I guess the focus wasn’t on the products, but more on the networking event. Looking forward to be invited to events by these companies where the focus will be more on their products.

Many thanks to Tania and Brian for the invite. Had a great evening. Looking forward to more events by The Open Room.

A day in DK’s life – 30 Apr 2008

930am: Woke up, check email, get ready to go out for meeting.

1015am: Was about to leave home for a meeting at 11am when I got a call from Paddy that the meeting at 11am is postponed to another date.

1020am: Decided to go downstair to da bao breakfast for Dad and myself. Wanted to get McGriddles for myself. Great stuff from McDonalds. I’m loving it.

1045am: Got another phonecall from Paddy. The meeting that was postponed to another date is back on. But change timing to 12pm. OK, don’t care. I’m having my McGriddles no matter what.

1200pm: Reach China Square. Feels weird wearing a short sleeves shirt, jeans and walk around Raffles Place area.
Walk 1 big round to find Paddy. Weather damn hot.

1215pm: Finally found the place that we are supposed meet the partner. Sweating like mad. Had a good discussion over lunch. Things are going well.

130pm: Meeting over. Went over to iShop for another meeting to discuss about the upcoming BLOG2u seminar. Going to be busy for this event.

330pm: Went over to Geek Terminal. Paddy meeting a partner for BAK2u. I make use of this opportunity to catch up on some emails.

400pm: Meet up with some potential partners for some discussion on a future partnership. If this pulls thru, it will surely hit the new media scene with a bang.

630pm: Discussion still on going. Lots of ideas were being thrown on the table. Could have carry on discussion for few more hours. But we have to stop as they need to setup the place for the next event. (Which we will also be attending. Haha. That why we purposely arrange the meeting to be at Geek Terminal. Everything is happening there)

700pm: Attended Podfire soft launch event. Watched episode 1 of Blogger’s treat and Geek Goddness and a gadget review by tech65. Had some finger food and networking after the screening.

900pm: The whole gang decide to move over to the pump room at Clarke Quay. Took a long walk over. Sorry to the gals on heels.

930pm: Reached pump room. Some of the folks can’t enter because they have some stupid age limit. They went over to another pub where the age limit is not sky high while the rest went in. No tables for us. Cannot purchase beer in Jug. The beer taste horrible. The live band is so so only. Will think twice before going there again.

1130pm: Decided to leave pump room. Wanted to move to Brewerks at Bukit Timah for supper and another round of beer. But the kitchen is closed. So Ridz and I went over to King Albert Park for supper. Saw some motorbikes racing along bukit timah while on the way to McDonalds.

1200am: Reach McDonalds. Ordered 20 McNuggets and large fries as usual. Will get fat if we keep doing this. Have a good chat with Ridz.

300am: Went home. It’s been a super duper long day.

PS: Actually, the afternoon part is similar to Paddy. Haha.

Feelings at 3am

Back here again, drinking a bottle of hoegaarden, listening to the same old song. I wonder why. Why do things keep repeating itself. Why didn’t we learn from mistakes? Why do we keep making the same mistakes over and over again and again? Why…..

Then again, why ask?

WTA: Which is more important, tennis or photo shoot?

After reading the article, I can’t help but wonder, what is more important to the Women’s Tennis Association, tennis or photo shoot?

Shouldn’t the focus be on the game instead of the photo shoot? It doesn’t make sense for them to schedule a photo shoot a day before the match. This will greatly reduce the players’ performance. WHO wants to see tired players in the field. I’m surprised that only Maria Sharapova is complaining. Why aren’t the other players saying anything?

Perhaps the WTA has forgotten that their focus should be on tennis instead of photo shoots.