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When there is more than one wireless@sg service provider near you

OK, I promised that I will stop shooting wireless@sg so frequently ever since I got my Singnet Mobile Broadband. But sometimes when I’m lazy to take out the modem and wireless@sg never to fail me.

I’m now at Marina Square Starbucks. Here is the problem. Starbucks’ wireless@sg service provider is Singtel. There is another iCell wireless@sg network nearby. I think it’s from McDonalds.

So I login to the Singtel wireless@sg. After using the internet for awhile, I got disconnected from the Singnet wireless@sg for no reason and got connected to the iCell wireless@sg. (Since all 3 service provider are using wireless@sg as the router name) And I need to re-login to the iCell wireless@sg. And after awhile, I got disconnected from iCell wireless@sg for no reason again and got connected to the Singtel wireless@sg. And to make things worst, I need to re-login to Singtel wireless@sg AGAIN. And this thing goes on and on and on.

HELLO! What the heck is wrong with wireless@sg? Why do I keep getting disconnected? And the 3 wireless@sg service provider really should wake up their idea. It’s time they start sharing their database and not make users login multiple times when they switch between wireless@sg router. And why do I have to re-login to wireless@sg Singtel/iCell after I was disconnected when I login 5 minutes ago?

Anyone from wireless@sg reading this? Or you guys having difficulties connecting to wireless@sg too?

I’m logging off. Have enough of all these crap.

David Letterman: Top Ten titles of my recent blog entries

Hmmm… Didn’t know that David Letterman has a blog too.

A summary of today’s hate mail

Interesting…. Maybe I should blog about that some day. Hahaha…. But too bad I seldom get hate comments lately ever since I moved to this new domain. :)

Music using sounds from Windows XP and 98


Why do gals like to ask this question?

Just a random thought….. Why do gals like to ask guys if they look fat/ugly? There is no way the guy going to give her a proper answer.

If the guy say no, she would say that the guy is lying and not sincere.
If the guy say yes, then he is dead.

Either way, he is dead when the gal ask this question. So why bother asking? Just kill the guy straight.

Review on my 2008 New Year Resolution

It’s already 4 months into 2008. Wow… time really flies when you are busy. Perhaps it is time to take out my 2008 New Year Resolution and see what have I achieved so far.

1) Exercise more
Didn’t do that. The guys at BLOG2u are getting corporate gym membership account. But I didn’t take up. Don’t even got the time to go downstair for a jog, where got time go gym?

2) Improve on my english and learn a new language
English? Hmmm…. not sure if I have improved or not. Maybe a bit.
Learn a new language? Been wanting to do that. Soon, soon. (Refer to #4)

3) Invest more money
This is a bit hard. No idea where to invest the money in. And also, need some money for other purpose. No spare cash to invest now.

4) Stop procrastination
Confirm failed badly. I really need to do something about this badly.

5) Work on the opportunities that I’ve found in 2007
Lost some opportunities. But still working on the rest. At least this look more hopeful.

OK, need to do something about my 2008 New Year Resolution.