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Top 10 ridiculous patents that you should register to earn quick bucks

After reading thru the patent list, I discovered that there are tons of things in this world that hasn’t been patented yet. Perhaps we should patent them and sue people’s ass for infringing our patents. Here is the top 10 list of ridiculous patents that you should register to earn quick bucks.

Top 10 ridiculous patents that you should register to earn quick bucks

10) Method of walking by alternative movement of the left and right lower limp
9 ) Method of selecting an item on a Personal Computer by a mouse click
8 ) Method of consuming nutrition thru mouth for the purpose of providing nutritional needs
7 ) Method of creating sound by striking two palms together
6 ) Method of inhaling oxygen and carbon dioxide using the mouth or nose
5 ) Method of gesture by extending the middle finger of the hand while bending the other fingers into the palm
4 ) Method of positioning head on the table with the face facing a downwards position
3 ) Method of releasing body fluid when in a standing, squatting or sitting position
2 ) Method of coming out with ridiculous top 10 list

And the number one top 10 ridiculous patents that you should register to earn quick bucks

1 ) Method of patenting ridiculous patents.


Every once in a while, I would encounter something that make me feel like saying “Sorry, I’m not a Singaporean”. Not that I don’t like my country. I love my country and would take up a M16 to defend it at time of war. But sometimes, you will see some jokers from Singapore trying to get away with something funny. And these jokers are bound to be back slashed by everyone in the world. And while they are doing it, they also tarnish the reputation of Singapore.

It is so bad that you wish either they don’t come from Singapore or you don’t come from Singapore. But the sad truth is, we all come from the same little red dot. And I’m ashamed to be living in the same island with them.

It’s very disgraceful to have a Singapore company coming up with ridiculous patent and try to sue everyone in the world. If they ever managed to sue someone successfully using this patent, then the whole entire internet can close down already. What are they thinking?

Suddenly I feel so ashamed to be a Singaporean. Sigh. Why must it be from Singapore again?

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DK on 8 days

I was on last week’s 8 days because of the Scarlet launch. There is something special about that issue of 8 days. It’s bigger than usual.

It looks like an advertorial by LG. And it’s just a small picture.
Can find me?

Spread the words: Bloggers are among the privileged guests to get a first look at Scarlet.

HTC Touch Diamond launch in Singapore

I was one of the lucky bloggers who was invited by The Right Spin to attend the launch event of HTC Touch Diamond. I love the tag they did for me. We bloggers are the media, new media to be exact.

The event was held at Shangri-La hotel, in a very posh ballroom. The event was hosted by Claire Jedrek. Didn’t get a chance to talk to her after the event. Sigh.

After the official launch, we went for a live Demo of the HTC Touch Diamond. The live demo was conducted in a small room in a up close and personal manner. Chief Marketing Officer of HTC, Mr John Wang, did a good job introducing the device.

The HTC Touch Diamond comes with impressive specs and features. Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, 4GB storage, 2.8inch screen with VGA resolution, HSDPA for up to 7.2 Mbps download, GPS with google maps, Bluetooth 2.0, WIFI, 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus, and a whole list of applications. WOW… Did I miss out anything? I’m sure I did. There are just too many features on this phone! And it’s only 110g.

The screen resolution is fantastic. You got to see it yourself. Even the photos doesn’t do justice to the great screen resolution. Most of you should know that I’m not a fan of Window Mobile, but HTC customised it so well that I don’t have the “I’m-a-loyal-PalmOS-user-and-I-hate-your-Window-Mobile” feeling. So much so that I think the HTC Touch Diamond is going to be the only Window Mobile device that you will ever see me using. (OK, sorry, i digress)

This small phone really packs lots of features. So much that even the launch and live demo is not enough to cover ever feature. The bloggers managed to get hold of 2 HTC staff after the live demo to do a event more personal demo. We just didn’t get enough of this great device. We found out that the HTC Touch Diamond is quite durable and able to take a couple of knocks. (Although not recommended) You can take a photo of a namecard and it will recongnise the text and store it in your contact list. The web browser is also great. When you zoom in to a text, the browser actually wrap the text to fit into the screen so that you don’t need to scroll left and right. A very thoughtful feature!

The HTC Touch Diamond is a great device. Small, light weight but feature packed. Comes with a SGD$1098 price tag.

Thanks to Gina and Eugene from The Right Spin for inviting me to the launch event. Also thanks to Melvin and Jessica from HTC who gave the bloggers a personal demo on the capabilities of this wonderful device.

PS: I love the media kit that HTC gave me. It comes in a thumbdrive that is shaped like a credit card. It has become a growing trend for companies to give out thumb drive as press release. I got quite a few lying around.

Powerless at home

Just recall that there will be a power outage today between 9am to 5pm at my block due to some upgrading works.

Oh shit, that means no power for router and iMac. My laptop got battery, but it can’t last too long. Need to go out and find a place with power plug to work. Sigh.