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Happy Birthday WordPress!!

Happy Birthday to WordPress who turns 5 years old today.

Although I just started using wordpress a couple of months back, I’m loving it now! Can’t imagine myself blogging with other system again. It is the best blogging system I’ve ever tried. :)

Happy Birthday wordpress!


Jay Chou vs Savage Garden (2008 Remix)

Cool stuff.

Mas Selamat – Malaysian Style

Our northern neighbor also got a prisoner escape during toilet break. Except, it’s the guard taking toilet break instead of prisoner taking toilet break. And his escape is much more exciting and took more than 49 seconds.

Malaysian suspect escapes in police car while handcuffed
KUALA LUMPUR – A SUSPECT in a drug case escaped custody in Malaysia by driving off in a police car with his handcuffs still on.
The 24-year-old man got away on Thursday when police transporting him to court stopped for a toilet break in the northern Perak state, local police chief Roslan Bek Ahmad said Friday.

Police were bringing the man from northern Alor Star town to a court in Klang town in central Malaysia for trial. Along the way, they stopped at a rest area off a highway.

Two of the policemen went to the toilet while a third officer remained with the suspect in the car. The suspect overpowered the officer, got behind the wheel and sped away, driving with his hands still cuffed, Mr Roslan said.

A police roadblock on the highway managed to slow down the suspect. But he turned around and drove against the traffic for several kilometres. The car eventually skidded down a slope and crashed into a tree, Mr Roslan said.

‘We managed to get the police car back, but he escaped’ on foot, Mr Roslan said.

Mr Roslan said the suspect was at large on Friday.

Klang police chief Mohamed Mat Yusop said the suspect was due to be tried Friday on a 2004 heroin possession charge. He declined to identify the man.

Steal police car? Wow! Power man.
BTW, it’s almost 3 months since Mas Selamat escape. Wonder which beach resort is he at now.

Longest downtime ever

My blog was down for the past 2 days. This was the longest downtime ever since I moved to this new domain. Keep getting downtime from Dreamhost, but they don’t usually exceed 24 hours. This time was really bad. My blog traffic was badly affected.

It is only after countless support ticket did the problem get fixed. The official statement says that there is some problem with one of their file server. I also got an email from Dreamhost informing me about the problem.

Sorry about the problems you have experienced over the past few weeks. Problems you have dealt would include, missing files, bad httpd conf errors, and overal site performance issues. Your dataglob, named wycliffe, is basically a group of users data on our file servers. We had scheduled for your dataglob, or group of users, to be moved off of the problem file server last week. The move appeared to finish without any problems until we noticed a few complaints. We have gone ahead and reversed the problems caused by the attempted move and we are restarting a new move. This move is completely on the back end and should not affect you unless we have a similar problem as before, which is not possible as we have corrected that issue that caused that.

Since this move is a large amount of user data it will take a while to complete and may take till Monday. You will notice that your site is performing much better once the move has completed. Once again my sincere apologies for the problems this has caused you.

So to sum it all up, a move caused the missing file problems, we reversed it which fixed it but caused some configuration errors, then we updated the servers to fix those, followed by the move running again. The move is in the background so your sites will stay up throughout the move.

They gave me one more month of hosting free to make up for the downtime. But to me, I feel that it is useless if their server keep having problems. I don’t mind paying for good webhost. I just want it to be reliable. Dreamhost no doubt has good service and price plan, but the hardware is lacking.

Will give them one more chance. If I get another major downtime, I’ll start searching for new host.