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Mission: Singapore – Finger Gun Fight

Here is an interesting Flash Mob.

Date: 31 May 2008
Time: 3:30pm

Raise your Finger and yell BANG!
This act has been inspired by the baned Xbox 360 commercial

Too bad I’m not free on that day. Check out other flash mob at Mission: Singapore website.

Nominated for Singapore Blog Awards

I was nominated for Singapore Blog Awards for Most Insightful BLog Category. (I’m #63) This means that someone thinks my inside very full. Oops. I mean I’m full of insights. I don’t know leh. Do I? Anyway, here’s what I wrote in the description of my blog.

Commonly referred as that guy with his “face on the table” because of my avatar. My blog is a central place for my feeling, diary, complains and things which I feel everyone might be interested in. I often provide an alternative insight into news which the mainstream media usually would not cover.

Had a hard time selecting 3 of my best blog entry for the judges to see. All my blog entries are considered the best to me. (BHB!) I also add in some credential like winner of Most Insightful Post award and Best Citizen Journalism Post award 2007. And interviewed by CNN, TNP and MyPaper. Hope those little things helps.

Then I go check the list of other bloggers who are being nominated. Wah!
i eat i shoot i post and Mr Wang Says So also nominated for the same category. I where got fight against them?

OK lah. Just for the fun of it. Don’t think I stand a chance to win against the powerhouse. Just hope that I’ll be selected into the top 10. :D

Maybe should go bribe the judges. *evil laugh*

Eventful week ahead

It’s going to be another eventful week ahead.

21 May 2008: Barcamp Singapore II: Maps and Mobile Unconference
Professionals and enthusiasts who are working on map applications in the Internet and mobile applications come together. A time of sharing among local hacker communities, developers, industry players and Google engineers.

Gerard Lim, CTO of Bak2u will be presenting on Secured Mobility. Must go support.

22 May 2008: Unveiling the Next Wave of HTC Innovation
The launch of HTC Touch Diamond.

23 May 2008: Meet the Father of the Internet! (Google Chief Internet Evangelist)
The “father of the Internet”, Vinton Cerf will share his perspective on the future trends of the Internet in the 21st century. How will the Internet shift in the future, and how will our lifestyles change with the shift? Vint will share what it takes to meet a bright new future of the Internet.

Another great event organised by TDM.

24 May 2008: Social Media Breakfast: Singapore 2!
The sequel to Social Media Breakfast: Singapore. Now at a better time slot. Haha. Hope I’m not late this time round.

China Earthquake Appeal

I’ve created a simple banner to generate awareness on the methods to donate to Red Cross for the Sichuan Earthquake.

Feel free to copy this on your blog if you want.



<a href = "" target = "_Blank"><img src = "" border = "0"></a>

Hope this will help get more donations.

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

Been wanting to find this song ever since I hear it on the leap year trailer. Great stuff.