Archive for June 2008 – A new online community

Bump into this interesting online community recently call Kan as in “See” in Chinese. Not quite sure exactly how new is it. But I guess it is new to many of you out there. is a forum with a slight twist. They allow revenue sharing. All you need is to provide your google adsense client id and all thread that you started will have your google adsense advertisement. Cool idea.

Another thing interesting about is the main page where they show the latest post and the number of views (kans). This is a great idea for those who want to go straight into the current hot topic.

Another great service by is the is a URL redirect service. For those with long blog url, you can use to shorten your URL. But I don’t really need it since my blog URL is rather short already. But I still sign up and register Looks cool huh?

The community is still rather small now. There are only 100 plus members currently. But I see great potential in the forum. So come join us at this great community.

Oh, if you are joining, please put my nick “dk99” as the referrer. If more than 30 people sign up with my nick as referrer, I’ll get a pair of movie tickets. Hee hee – The videocast worth waiting for

After a very very long wait, finally released their first episode. Woo Hoo!! The long wait is finally over. When I first heard that Nadnut and Jayden are joining forces to create a videocast channel, I knew straight away that it is going to be a big hit. And I was right. The wait is worth it.

You might be asking, what’s so great about Well, they have 2 high profile bloggers as the host and talk about desserts and gossip. Great combinations with a great team. And for episode one, they went to a great desert stall call Ice Monster with a beautiful guest blogger. How not to be successful?

Congrats to Nadnut and Jayden for a job well done. Looking forward to more great videocast from Cheers!


Was up whole night. Didn’t sleep.

Was doing some stuff until the sky outside turns bright. So took a break and enjoy the sunrise.

Not the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen. But better than nothing.
OK, perhaps I should catch a few hours of sleep. Meeting my cousin for lunch and pass her some stuff. Then off to office for 2nd round of interview.

No time to blog

Been busy lately that I don’t have time to sit down and write a proper blog entry. Got lots of stuff to blog about, but just don’t have time to do it. I could have rush out a quick blog entry, but some of the stuff deserves more attention from me.

Will try to find time to blog about the things I wanted to say.

Here is a youtube video for you guys. I think my nephew will love this. Haha.

Covering up my emotions

Am in a very very bad mood lately. Lots of things happening which is making me very depressed. Yet I cannot find a place to vent them out. Not even on this blog.

Just feel like staying in bed for the whole day. In the past, I could have done that by applying a couple days of leave. But now, I don’t have the options to do that. Lots of things needs my attention. Lots of meeting need to be attend. Can’t afford to hide myself under the blanket.

And the worst thing is that I need to pretend that everything is alright when things aren’t. Putting up a happy front and covering up the emotions deep inside. It’s tough. But I know I shouldn’t mix work with personal stuff.

Perhaps I should just forget about my personal stuff and concentrate on work. Maybe keeping myself busy at work can help me forget about the personal issues.

Going for an event later. Putting on the happy front again.
Luckily they have beer at the event to help me out.