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Respect the service staff

I was queuing up for Popeye Chicken the other day when the lady infront of me got very frustrated with the service staff and started shouting at her.

I think the staff is rather new and seems quite blur. The lady ordered a combo meal which comes with a free biscuit. But she told the staff that she doesn’t want the biscuit. But the staff forgotten about it and placed the biscuit into her take away box. The lady was so pissed off that she started scolding the staff. it was so bad that the manager have to step in and remove the biscuit from the box.

Eeerr….. but excuse me. But it’s just a small biscuit. If the staff forgets your special request, just remind her nicely. There is no need to scold a service staff over such small matters. In fact, there isn’t any need to scold a service staff. If they do anything wrongly, just tell them nicely and they will fix it. They are human afterall. Respect them.

Sigh. Why do some people behave like they are the king/queen just because they are paying customers?

Passing the 2000 spam mark

Didn’t realize that my akismet spam counter has exceeded 2000 lately. It’s been 2 months since I turn on akismet and I’ve already passed the 2000 spam mark.

That’s almost 1000 spam per month.


Just wondering…. is it just me or everyone also getting lots of SPAM? 1000 spam per month seems a lot. Anyone also got 1000 spam per month?

5am in the morning

Still awake.

Told a white lie today and was caught. For a moment, I felt like I was the interviewee who was caught lying. Except I told that lie in order to help a friend. Didn’t told her the truth because I knew she would be angry. But she was angrier when she found out that I lied.

In the end, I didn’t managed to help my friend much, and she is angry with me for lying to her. I guess that the biggest irony of all.

I guess I’m the greatest loser again.

OK, I know all the Mac users are going to laugh at me for this

OK, I know this is damn malu. I know all the Mac users around the world are going to laugh at me for saying this……

BUT I finally discovered how to type Chinese on MacOS!!!



Hitler Banned From Xbox Live

Funny stuff. Nicely done.