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Caught lying during interview

I was busy conducting interview yesterday for the Assistant Sales Manager position. The job market must be really good lately. Couple of interviewees didn’t turn up and didn’t bother to email or call to inform me before hand. Sigh, how unprofessional.

But I did managed to interview a couple of people. Some of them are pretty impressive. I think we are going to have a hard time choosing.

There was this guy who was very informal throughout the entire interview process. It’s unique as most people would be rather stiff and nervous during the interview. I don’t have any issue with people who speak in very informal manner. In fact, it would be good if he can do this when meeting clients.

But there is one problem. I caught him lying. It was a simple question and he lied to me. I knew he lied because I know exactly what is going on. So it is impossible for him to have achieved what he claims he did. And I even verified with the person involved to confirm that he was indeed lying.

I didn’t tell him that he is obviously lying. I asked him the question twice to make sure that he didn’t get the question wrongly and I didn’t hear his answer wrongly. I just kept quiet when I found out that he was lying. No point exposing him during the interview. I just let him continue to talk, but deep down inside, I don’t see any need to listen to him anymore. He just made an immediate failure error. And I cut short the interview so that we won’t waste everybody’s time.

How do I employ someone who lied during an interview? There is clearly some problem with the character here. And I don’t want to have any part of it. Too bad if he got an impressive resume or presented himself well during the interview. Character flaws overshadows everything.

Interviewing a couple more people early next week before making final decision. Anyone interested in working for BLOG2u can drop me an email. :)

Dangerous job

Saw this couple of weeks back while walking pass National Library.

OK, you might need to zoom in to see this clearly. There is a guy cleaning the exterior walls and windows. Sure looks dangerous although we know that all the safety precaution has been put in place.

Houston, we have a problem

Or rather “Mozilla, we have a problem”.

1 hour plus into the firefox 3 download day, and everyone is still having difficulties accessing firefox website. The whole website is down. I guess it must be due to heavy traffic. This is bad. Like that how to break world record?

But I must agree that its hard to keep the site up when the whole world is trying to access it together at the same time. Perhaps that is why nobody tried breaking this record yet. Perhaps its hard to break?

But perhaps it can be achieved with better management. Instead of the whole world going to the website at the same time, why not setup a queue number system? Get everyone to pre-register with firefox first. After registering, they will get a queue number and a time slot to access the website to download firefox. They must access the website during the stated time slot in order to download firefox 3. The system will spread the downloaders equally for the 24 hours time span so that the server can better handle the load.

Hmmm…. is that actually possible? If anyone can pull that kind of system off, I guess he/she deserves a Masters Degree in Logistic Management. Hahaha.

OK, I think too much already. Guess I’m not going to download Firefox 3 tonight. Let’s try later in the morning. Off to bed I go.

Updates@2:48am: Finally downloaded Firefox 3. Thanks to Kevin from Theory is the reason.

Updates@3:20am: Firefox website is up and running. No need setup any queue system. Hahaha. Download away!!!

Firefox 3 download day

17 June 2008 is Firefox 3 download day! Let’s all download the new firefox 3 and break the world record.

But wait…. if you are staying in Singapore, the Firefox download day would be 18 June 2008 instead of 17 June. That is because the actual download day starts on 17 June 2008, 10am PDT. Singapore is on GMT +8, which means it’s already the next day 1am.

Download Day 2008

What are you waiting for? Start your download on 18 June 2008, 1am Singapore time! We only got 24hours.

PS: You can check your local time here.

Coming the Clone Wars is

I wanted to skip this animated series, but seriously, how is that possible for a Star War fan?

Coming to Singapore on 28 Aug 2008. I wanna catch it!!!