Finally, the links are up

It’s been nearly 5 months since I’ve moved over to this new domain. WOW! Time really flies.
One thing I didn’t bring over from my old blog was the tons of blog links. Yeap, the links to blogs that interest me. And also my friends’ blog. There are tons of them. In fact, there is 97 links now. Wow. That’s a lot. Imagine spending 1 minute at each blog, that will mean 1 1/2 hr gone. Haha.
So I took a couple of hours today sitting infront of my iMac and setting up the links. Still quite amazed by the number of links.
OK, here is the problem. I’m sure I missed out some blogs out there. There are just too many out there already.
So if I missed out your blog, please drop me a comment. Don’t scold me hor. Hee hee. Paiseh.


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