Messy Table

Wishbone created a meme on office/home desk. Long time no play meme liao. So let’s have some fun here.

My home desk is also considered my office desk. Since I can work from home if I want. And sometimes I prefer to work from home because I’m using a 20 inch iMac at home compared to a 14 inch laptop that runs stupid windows. (Luckily it’s a Thinkpad, else it would be worst)

You all should know that my home table is super duper messy one. I always post picture of my table before Spring Cleaning. Really want to see my table again? Don’t faint ok? Here goes….

Messy right? Not bad liao ok. It can get more messy than this. But it’s what I call an “organised” mess. I know where to get the things that I need. And I hate it when someone comes and pack up my table. Come on, it’s messy because it’s supposed to be like this.

OK, let tag people. Hee hee.

Here are the rules.

  • Describe your desk at the office or at home
  • Put a picture of it if you can
  • Explain why you sort it (or don’t)
  • Tag other people
  • I tag Cherie, Xinyun and Plaktoz.

    7 Responses to 'Messy Table'

    1. Buny says:

      quite clean…

      Bunys last blog post..Samsung Omnia, Means OmAnime To Me

    2. Leonard says:

      Looked okay to me… as you said organized messy.

      at least you can still find your stuffs

      Leonards last blog post..Martini InnerCity Festival 2008

    3. AlienTYC says:

      Leave a space to place your lunch while you ‘work’

      AlienTYCs last blog post..I finally get my hands dirty and develop web applications

    4. dk says:

      Buny: Ya… messy but clean. :)

      Leonard: Yeap. I can’t find my stuff if someone pack my table. Haha.

      AlienTYC: Oh, just remove the laptop and got space liao lor. But I seldom eat at my desk. Except if it’s 20 piece McNuggets. :D

    5. Jacelyn says:

      At least you know where u put your stuff. I’ve seen worse ones.. :D

      Jacelyns last blog post..Company Anniversary Event

    6. xinyun says:

      *strangles DK*
      anyway, your desk look much neater than mine :P

      xinyuns last blog post..Loving It, IPhone 3G.

    1. DK » 7 meme says:

      […] kind of thing is never ending one. I tag him once, he tag me back. Oh well…. here […]

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