Vote for DK!!

Oops. Wrong video clip. I’m not running for US president. I’m running for Singapore Blog Award Most Insightful Blog Category.

Just a few more days left. Have you voted today?
Remember to vote for my friends too.

3 Responses to 'Vote for DK!!'

  1. brian says:

    Hahaha, i actually did stuff like this when i was in uni. It’s called Match-moving, to insert a 2-D image into a moving frame (ie. video) takes frickin’ long to do.. and these guys make it look so easy.. hahahaha

    brians last blog and the fly

  2. Lay Yew says:

    I can’t vote! haha..
    Not sure how to go about it man…

  3. Voted…. and my students too. :)

    eastcoastlifes last blog post..Fancy eastcoastlife as your servant? – WW

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