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DK99 is banned from

Wow. I was banned from That is a new low. Amazing.
Is there a rules that say “Cannot argue with community manager?”

Or am I pushed to the “out group” and the “out group” is banned from

Check this out! dk99 completely removed from
Woo Hoo!

I’ve given up on the community

I guess it’s time for me to give up on the community. Joining the list of people who have already given up on this community long time ago. They must be wondering…. “What took me so long?”

And yes, I do wonder what took me so long to give up on this community.

Spoke to a couple of pingsters. They were also quite disappointed with the whole “in group” comment. But they didn’t say a thing because there is nothing we can do about it. And at the end of the day, I begin to see their point of view. There is really nothing I can do to stop this community from falling apart. It has already began falling apart couple of months ago. But I stayed on with the community, thinking that the situation wasn’t so bad. But perhaps I was lying to myself.

Perhaps it’s also because of the time, money, sweat and tears that I’ve put into this community. The gathering that I’ve organised and attended. The flamewar between members that I’ve stopped. The countless number of shouts I posted on the shoutbox. The suggestions I’ve given to help improve the place. The number of spam I’ve removed from the forum. The people that I’ve recommended into the community. The countless number of friends I’ve made in the community.

Those who have been in the community long enough would know the contributions that I’ve made to the community. I never ask for any returns. I was willing to help out in the community because I believe in it. And back then, we made it a point that there shouldn’t be any elitism among the regulars. The the community should be as open as possible. But everything has changed now. And frankly speaking, after today’s event, I’ve given up hope in the community completely.

If you guys still want to live in your la la world and think that there isn’t any cracks in the community, then go ahead with your “in group” labeling. I got no eyes to see how you destroy the community build by the old pingsters.

Missed the good old days when everything is still peaceful in the community. When the community is run by the community itself and not some community manager. When there is no elitism even in the regulars. When every single member are equal.

Still remember the first gathering at Pitstop Cafe.
The exposure during the Nexus event.
The meetup at Essential Brew.
The great gathering at Geek Terminal.
The fun we had at Far East Shopping Centre booth.
The presence during blogout.
The geek terminal launch party and the mini birthday celebration after that.
The first anniversary party.
The funny advertisement we made for
The huge gathering at Ms Clarity Cafe.
The recording of
The wonderful Christmas gathering.

I guess the community will never be the same again.

Why I bother so much? I don’t even own the place. If the owner doesn’t want to take any actions, why should I care so much? End of the day, successful or fail, I won’t get any credits for it. So why bother? Just let it be.

Are you in the “in group”?

You might be wondering, why am I asking this question. I was reading about the recent gathering when I saw someone wrote this.

This group was the boisterous group, the eloquent group, the popular group on Yes, there really is such a thing as the “in group”, as in all other communities – I don’t deny that. Well, nothing wrong with that anyway, not everyone is equal, and not everyone has the same interests!

This entry is written by Daphne. In case you don’t know, Daphne is the community manager in company.

Popular group? “in group”? What the heck is going on? When did we have such classification? Why the need to split the whole entire community into “in group”/”out group” and Popular/not popular? I was kind of shocked to see such comments coming from some in the Company. Is this’s official stand? Are we going to split into 2 camps? Or is this just Daphne’s personal comment?

I’m very disappointed with the comments about “in group” and popular group. What will the new members think? What about those who are not so active in Or those who are active in the community but didn’t attend Daphne’s gathering? Are they casted to the “out group” of Are they not considered popular if they don’t attend her gathering?

This whole thing does the community no good at all. It will only break the entire community apart. Think about the rest of the members who saw that comment. How do you think they would feel if they are classified as “out group”?

Over the years, I’ve been telling everyone that there is no such thing as “elite” or “popular” group in I still remember I rebutted fiercely when someone claims that a certain group in are like elites. is a open community for everyone. Not a closed community where the community manager decides who is in the “in group” and who is not.

HELLO! Community Manager is supposed to help strengthen the community. Not tear it apart by splitting the whole place into 2 camps.

Very disappointed with that shallow comment. Sad that this kind of thing happen on’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday

Today is birthday. (In case you guys & gals have forgotten)

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!!.

It’s been an eventful year. Still remember we had a great party last year on 7 Jul 2007. I was heavily involved in the previous party. This year, I decided to take the back seat and let the rest organise it.

Seems quite quiet this year. Still waiting for the details of the party.

Don’t just vote for me, vote for my friends too.

The Omy Singapore Blog Award seems like a mini gathering to me. Quite a number of my friends are also in the top 10. Congrats to everyone. Wish you all the best in your category.

Best Youth Blog
Jaymes – Eastcoastlife’s Son. He’s the youth category but he blog like an adult.


Most Entertaining Blog
Eastcoastlife – Super entertaining blog and she never fails to reply to all comments.

Rinaz – I always enjoy reading her blog. Sexeh blogger on a Vespa.

Sheylara – Beauty plus brain with great sense of humor.


Best Blog Design
Veron – Lovely blog design with very well written article.

Jayden – A great designer. He’s in army now. So no time to pull votes.


Best Blog Shop
Ms Loi – She don’t sell joss stick. Neither does she sells Last Minute Buddha Foot Hugging Kung Fu Manual. But she has a great blog.


Best Individual Blog
Chillycraps – My so called “archrival”. Always full of craps. Should throw him into tougher categories like Most Entertaining Blog.


Most Insightful Blog
Simply Jean – Great blog written by 3 beauties. But don’t vote for them. Cause I also in the same category. Vote for me instead. Hahaha. (OK OK, I’m just kidding. Do vote for them too.)


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