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New 7th Storey Hotel – Another victim of Singapore development

Do you notice a tilting building along Rocher Road near bugis junction? I’ve always find that building weird. Not only was it tilting, it is standing alone in the middle of nowhere.

Well, come end this year, it will no longer be standing alone. In fact, it wouldn’t be standing anymore. The building will be demolished to make way for the new Bugis MRT station for the Downtown Line. I was quite shocked when I hear the news. Land Transport Authority said that the hotel is not an iconic building and has no conservation status. The building used to be a 5 star hotel and the tallest building in Beach Road area.

How many tilting building do we have in Singapore? Doesn’t it has any conservation value? No? The building even have a manually operated lift. Have you seen a manually operated lift before? Isn’t that worth conserving?

It’s sad to see a special building like New 7th Storey Hotel being demolished for new development. This reminds me of the time when they demolish the old national library to build a stupid tunnel that shorten the traveling time by only a minute.

Join the “Save the 7th Storey Hotel” facebook group today.

I’m in the top 10 for Omy Singapore Blog Award 2008 – Most Insightful Blog

I’m in the top 10 for Omy Singapore Blog Award 2008, Most Insightful Blog Category. Woohoo!!

When I was being nominated initially, I was wondering if I would actually have a chance to get to top 10. There are so many big names in this category. But I’m glad that I am in the top 10, running for the award with all the big names in the Singapore blogosphere.

I doubt I have the chance to win with the big names like i eat i shoot i post, Mr Wang Says So and Simply Jean. But then, since I’m already in the top 10 already, why not give it my best shot and try to get people to vote for me.

So please please please, vote for me. You can cast your vote here. After registering, you will see the 10 nominees. I’m number 10. The 2nd photo from the bottom right hand corner. It’s that usual face on table picture.

Do vote for me everyday from now till 31 Jul 2008. Voters stand to win travel packages to Bangkok, Vietnam and a luxurious resort accommodation package in Phuket. (Eh, bring me along if you win hor. Hee hee)

Have you voted today?

You have been mobilized

My reservist unit was mobilized last Saturday afternoon. It started off with a phone call from the system, follow by announcement on TV and Radio. This isn’t the first time I was being mobilized. It was quite a non-event. I already know what I should do. So I calmly dress up in my long 4, pick up my full battle order and report back to camp.

This time round, instead of taking train, I decided to drive my dad’s car.

While on my way back, I looked around me at everything. Children playing in playground. Students coming home from ECA. Adults heading out for a fun weekend. Senior citizen sitting at void deck chatting with each other.

Everything seems so peaceful. And I’m doing my part to ensure that this place remain peaceful for my family and love ones.

If anyone ask me why I spend 2 1/2 years in National Service, I’ll say it’s for my home that I treasure dearly.