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Shine for Singapore did not copy Japan Children’s Foundation advertisement

The blogosphere is full of news about the NDP theme song MTV copying a Japanese advertisement for The Children’s Foundation. But I don’t think that the NDP theme song copied the Japanese advertisement. In fact, I think they are very original.

Here is the MTV for the NDP theme song, Shine for Singapore.

Here is the Japanese advertisement for The Children’s Foundation.

They may look almost the same. But they are not. I’m going to proof to everyone that our NDP theme song MTV did not copy the Japanese advertisement.

Check out the screenshots below.

The photo on the left is from the MTV for “Shine for Singapore”.
The photo on the right is from the Japanese advertisement for The Children’s Foundation.

Screenshot 1

Both screenshot taken at the 9 second mark. On first look, they may look similar. But I tell you, they are not similar at all.

For a start, the windows are different. Look at the different windows design. And the teacher are dressed differently. The students also dressed differently.

And the biggest difference is the gender of the main character.
For the NDP theme song MTV, the main character is a girl.
For the Japanese advertisement, the main character is a boy.

Not the same at all. Let’s move on to the next screenshot.

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 2 shows the picture that the kids are painting. One look and you can see clearly that they are completely different. The girl is using red colour crayon while the boy is using black colour crayon.

One is red, one is black. Not the same.

Another difference is that the girl’s colouring is very messy. The boy’s colouring, on the other hand, is very neat and filled up the entire paper.

And if you observe carefully, the girl didn’t hold on to the paper while the boy is holding on to the paper. Not the same.

Let’s move on to the next screenshot.

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 3 shows the teacher talking to the parents about the drawing.

For the NDP theme song MTV, teacher is seated on the right side of the screen, next to the parents.
For the Japanese advertisement, the teacher is seated on the left side of the screen, directly opposite the parents.

Not the same at all. And look at the deco of their living room. This clearly shows that the NDP theme song MTV didn’t copy the Japanese Advertisement.

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 4 show us that both kids likes to draw in their room. Other than that, the 2 kids has no other similarity at all.

The girl is now wearing home clothes while the boy is still in school uniform.
The boy’s room has more furniture and books compared to the gal.

See the differences? Let’s move on.

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 5 shows the teacher and parents standing at the 2nd level of the multipurpose hall, looking down at the completed drawing.

For a start, the camera angle is different.

The Japanese advertisement also have doctor and nurses at level 2. But the NDP theme song NDP doesn’t. Very big difference here.

Let’s look at the last screenshot.

Screenshot 6

I don’t really need to say much about this. This is so obvious.

One look and you can see that the NDP theme song MTV is a red star while the Japanese advertisement is a black whale.

Red star, black whale. Not the same thing at all. Need I say more?

And the floor is also different. The floor on the left is black while the floor on the right is brown.


So there you have it. The 6 screenshot has already proven that the NDP theme song MTV did not copy the Japanese advertisement. I hope this will put the matter to rest.

PS: This entry is inspired by NYT’s David Pogue on Windows Vista

Why MacOS? (Reason #9632)

#9632: Open most email attachment using the Mail quick look feature. Including docx extention which I bet quite a number of you are having problem opening them now. *Evil laugh*

OK, if you are still on Windows, you can either install Office 2007 or download the Compatibility Pack for 2007 Office. But I suggest upgrading to a MacOS. Much easier.

What are you waiting for? Get a Mac now.
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Will it blend? – iPhone 3G

After blending the first Gen iPhone (and almost every possible thing in the world), it won’t be a surprised if they blend the new iPhone 3G.

WARNING: This video is not suitable for iPhone fans. If you are a iPhone fan, please, don’t press the play button

OUCH….. that hurts.


Went Haw Par Villa with a couple of friends 2 Saturday ago. It was a great outing. There are a lot of statues in the park. Quite a number of them are from the great chinese classical novels “Journey to the west“, “Water Margin” and “Romance of 3 kingdom“. Don’t remember seeing any statues from “Dream of the Red Chamber” though. (Most likely not suitable for the park)

Apart from the statues from the great classical novels, there are also several Buddhist statues, chinese idioms, the ten courts of hell and others of unknown origin. The sad thing is that most of them aren’t well labeled. The statues would be more meaningful if we can read more about the story about it.

One of the statue near the gate caught my attention because of the signboard explaining the story behind it.

The statue is about a chinese idiom “指点迷津”.

The man’s gesture represent the chinese saying “zhi dian mi jin” (give advice to those who are lost), symbolising a reminder not to stray from the right path in life.

I find it very meaningful. We often see people drift away from the right path in life after getting some fame and fortunes. As time goes by, people tend to forget their original motto and vision. They tend to lose sight of the destination. And they tend to forget about those who helped them in the past.

I’m also afraid that I might stray from the right path in the future. But I’m glad that I have lots of friends out there to look out for me. It’s always good when there is someone pointing us back to the right direction. But end of the day, it still depends on whether the person wants to be guided back to the right path or not.

One of the lowest point in my life

I guess this few weeks have been one of the lowest point in my life.
Everything around me go wrong at the same time. Everything. Personal, love, work, study…… everything. It’s been a tough ride. I don’t remember when was the last time when everything came falling apart.

They always say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.
I hope they are right. I guess they are right. I wish they are right.
Well, they better be right.

It’s not easy getting back up again. But thanks to the support from my friends, it makes the tough time more bearable. It is during the darkest hour when I see who are my real friends. Thank you for being by my side. I couldn’t have gone thru this tough period without all of you.

Time to rebound back.

Beyond – 海闊天空