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Photo of the week – Keeping my weekend busy

It’s a busy weekend. The contractor came over to the new office to knock down one of the wall so that we have a bigger work area on Saturday.

Here is the mess after the wall been knocked down.

We will be shifting over to the new office on Sunday. New office on Monday. Woohoo!!!

Happy Belated Birthday King of Pop

Just discovered that Friday was Michael Jackson’s 50th Birthday. Happy Belated Birthday King of Pop.

Here is one of his best live performance. (IMHO)

Youtube in 1985

This is how Youtube might look like back in 1985. Cool stuff.

Naming the 4th University

MOE is inviting the public to help name the 4th University in Singapore. The 4th University will open its doors in 2011. It will admit 500 students in its first batch for two of the three disciplines identified for it: engineering and applied sciences, business and IT, and design and architecture. The university will be build on land that had been put aside for the aborted University of New South Wales Asia at Upper Changi Road.

Based on past experience when Singaporean name Marina Bay as “Marina Bay”, Bukit Panjang LRT as “Bukit Panjang LRT” and Budget Terminal as “Budget Terminal”, I think the name of the new University will most likely be one of the following:-

1) Singapore University
2) 4th University of Singapore
3) Changi University
4) Upper Changi University

I hope I’m wrong….

A wonderful Comex

Just came back from the Comex at Suntec. Not much new stuff. Almost like any other PC show.

But it’s a wonderful Comex show. Here is the reason why:

I wonder why is it so crowded on a weekday afternoon.

I wonder why they ned to shout even when they are using a mic.

I wonder if some if the temp staff really knows what they selling.

I wonder how many trees were being chopped down to print those leaflets.

I wonder why are the credit card company setting up a booth at comex.

I wonder why I wonder so much this time.

On the side note, BAK2u is at the Comex too.