A wonderful Comex

Just came back from the Comex at Suntec. Not much new stuff. Almost like any other PC show.

But it’s a wonderful Comex show. Here is the reason why:

I wonder why is it so crowded on a weekday afternoon.

I wonder why they ned to shout even when they are using a mic.

I wonder if some if the temp staff really knows what they selling.

I wonder how many trees were being chopped down to print those leaflets.

I wonder why are the credit card company setting up a booth at comex.

I wonder why I wonder so much this time.

On the side note, BAK2u is at the Comex too.

5 Responses to 'A wonderful Comex'

  1. Tianhong says:

    I wonder how many cabbage head are chop in this comex. :)

  2. Paddy Tan says:

    Err. Comex or Comdex :)

  3. nicole says:

    LOL! Hmm, may comex bring bak2u more biz! :)

  4. dk says:

    Tianhong: The biggest cabbage head is in USA now. So I think not many lah. Hahaha… Kidding kidding. :P

    Paddy: Paiseh, typo.

    Nicole: Thanks thanks. Heard they first day sold until evening time out of stock, got to go home early. Haha. :D

  5. Paddy Tan says:


    Hee hee

    Paddy Tans last blog post..[Comex Show 2008] Thanks Boys!

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