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Gadget or the Girl

This is an interesting game show. Gadget or the Girl.

In each episode, a bachelor will be introduced to three women and he must immediately pick two to continue the game. The three will go on a date, and at the end, the guy will choose one girl to be his solo companion for the evening. After a few hours together, he must decide if he is going to enjoy an weekend getaway with the girl, or give her up and leave with some potentially cool gear. If the girl entices the guy to select her over the mystery gadget, she’ll score a prize.

This is a very interesting concept. And I think it is going to be a big hit. Beautiful women, cool gadgets and 1 tough decision to make. Salute to the genius who came up with this idea.

But come to think of it, it isn’t really a tough choice after all. I was thinking how would it be like if I took part in the contest. I think most likely I’ll choose the gadget over the girl. No no, I’m not gay. I’m still very interested in beautiful gals. But look, you only get to have a weekend gataway with the beautiful gal. With no promise of you getting lucky at night.

So why bother? I don’t know what’s the gadget going to be. It might even be a 1gb thumbdrive. But at least it will be mine forever. (And if I’m lucky, it might be a 52 inch HDTV. Wahahaha) So I guess the choice is pretty obvious. Don’t you think so?

What is your choice if you take part in the contest? A weekend getaway with a beautiful gal or an unknown gadget?

First episode will be showing on Playboy channel, September 1st. Too bad we won’t get a chance to watch it.

What do you do after selling your life on eBay?

Remember the guy who sold his life on eBay for $399,300? It’s been more than a month since the bid close. I went to his site and discovered that he is on a new project.

100 goals in 100 weeks.

Well, I guess that makes sense. Since you got nothing left except $400k, the next things to do is to achieve goals that you’ve always wanted. Some of the goals sound fun. Like “Swim with a 10+ metre whale shark”, “Drive a car into water off a jetty” and “Dive to the Titanic in a submersible”.

All the best dude. Have fun.

Boom De Ah Dah… Boom De Ah Dah…

Somebody help me get this song out of my head!!!!

Boom De Ah Dah… Boom De Ah Dah… Boom De Ah Dah… Boom De Ah Dah…
Boom De Ah Dah… Boom De Ah Dah… Boom De Ah Dah… Boom De Ah Dah…

Here is a shorter version.

This is a great advertisement song for Discovery Channel. It’s so easy to sing and the lyrics is very flexible. Here is another version.

In fact, you can come out with your own version easily. Haha.
Anyone want to come up with a local version?

iPhone 3G launch in Singapore

The iPhone 3G launch in Singapore by Singtel.

The countdown and the wait for the 1st iPhone owner to emerge.

Finally, after 10 minutes

MY Prime Minister took train during peak hours

MY Prime Minister took train during peak hours to see the problems that commuters are facing everyday. Salute to the man.

OK, that is not my Prime Minister. It’s MY Prime Minister (MY is the short form for Malaysia). Haha. How many of you got fooled by my title? You must be kidding right? My Singapore Prime Minister will take the train during peak hours to see the problem that commuters are facing everyday meh? It is not possible in Singapore lor. Singapore SMRT is pack to the brim during peak hours. People, like our million dollar ministers, whom never had any experience in taking SMRT will be trampled to death by the peak hour crowd. You wouldn’t want our Prime Minister, would you?

But if our Prime Minister really want to try taking SMRT to see the problems that our commuters are facing everyday, I suggest that he start by taking train during off peak hours. You must be thinking that it is useless for him to take train during off peak as he can’t see the real problem. But we can’t just ask him to take the peak hour train without any formal training right? That like feeding him to the peak hour sharks. These things should slowly progress. Besides, I’ve already shown everyone that our world class transport system is packed like sardines even during off peak hours. Check out this and this.

Once he get used to taking train during off peak hours, (and perhaps also managed to convince our million dollar transport minister that something need to be done about the freaking off peak hour train frequency) then he should try taking train during peak hours. Woohoo! That will be fun. I volunteer to be the live blogger for the event. (Provided I managed to type in the peak hour train.)

For the ultimate challenge, he should try boarding the east bound train at Jurong East MRT Station during peak hours. Once he managed to squeeze his way on the train at Jurong East MRT station, he can take on any world class transport in the world without any problem. OK, maybe not Japan’s subway. But the rest of the world should be still alright.