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The king is finally here

OK, iPhone 3G is finally here in Singapore after being 1 month late. Oh well, better late than never.

I’m at Singtel Comcentre with the Tech65 crew where they are here to do live recording of the arrival of the king of phone. The iPhone 3G.

Singtel welcomed the iPhone 3G with a bang. They constructed a temporary 2 storey glass building like the iShop in New York. A small tentage is being setup outside the building for people to queue up.

Didn’t managed to get a decent photo of the glass house. There are lots of security guard around and they refuse to let us get near the glass house. Maybe they are afraid we might steal the glass. Kidding kidding. They are here for crowd control. I managed to get close to the glass house before leaving the place.

Singtel CEO together with other top executive gathered in front of the glass house to join the crowd in countdown. There was a brief mini fireworks as they pulled the ribbon that is wrapping around the glass house. And the first 10 customers step into the glass house to purchase the first iPhone 3G from Singapore.

After roughly 10 minutes of wait, (What took them so long?) a guy finally emerge from the glass house with the iPhone 3G in his hands. Everyone is cheering as he raise the iPhone in the air for the media to take photo. I guess you will see photo of him splashed all over the newspaper tomorrow. The feeling is almost like Singapore has won another Olympic medal. Perhaps they should sing the National Anthem too. Kidding kidding.

OK, I’m signing off now. Going for supper with the guys. (My main objective tonight) The Tech65 guys are still going round the queues to interview people and their reactions towards the iPhone 3G. Keep a lookout for their latest videocast.

Where will DK be this Saturday evening?

There is only one place to be at this Saturday evening.

Esplanade Outdoor Theatre Opening Concert.

Date: 23 Aug 2008
Time: 10pm
Venue: Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Hosted by Najip Ali and Rosalyn Lee
Featuring Ngak & Clement, Shirlyn Tan, Jack & Rai, Tay Kewei, Jiahui, Vanessa Fernandez, Kaira Gong and Jonathan Leong.

Woohoo!!! Finally, the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre is back. They torn down the old Outdoor Theatre to build a bigger and better one. Personally, I love the Outdoor Theatre becuase it is facing the bay and looking toward the CBD area. Nice place to have performance. Only problem with the old Outdoor Theatre is that it is not sheltered from rain and the limited seats. I think they fixed this 2 problem with the new Outdoor Theatre. I’ll check it out this coming Saturday. Anyway, I’m glad that the new Outdoor Theatre is ready. Looking forward to more free performance.

Anyone wanna come on Saturday?

7 meme

This kind of thing is never ending one. I tag him once, he tag me back. Oh well…. here goes..

I don’t like to eat curry. Unless its with Roti Prata or in Curry Puff.
I have perfect eyesight.
I snore.
I can eat the same thing everyday without feeling bored.
I spend most of my time at home in front of a screen (either iMac, Laptop or TV)
I’m most creative when sitting on the toilet bowl.
I suck at mental math.

Great heights
Big foot (Effect of watching Paranormal TV show when young)
Losing control
Negative stuff
Having to do Meme (I’m kidding…. haha)

U2 – With or without you
Kenny G – Silhouette
Olivia Ong – Tattoo
張震嶽 – 自由
Foo Fighters – Everlong
Sarah McLachlan – Angel
Shirlyn Tan – Couldn’t We Try

End of the day
Put it this way
You see lah
I think
What the (Just this 2 words. I usually exclude that F word)

7 THINGS I TREASURE THE MOST(in no ranking order):
My Gadgets
My blog
**Reserved for the special someone whom I’ve yet to find**

**This question don’t make sense leh. There is always a first time for everything I’ve done**

Hmmm…. who should I tag this time? Maybe I shouldn’t tag anyone liao. Wait they tag me back like what Plaktoz did. This kind of thing never ending one.

But if you like this meme, feel free to do it. But remember hor, I didn’t tag you. So don’t tag me back. :P

Singapore to ease ban on political videos – FINALLY

Prime Minister Lee announced that the government will ease up the ban on political video. This includes using the new media to show political videos. FINALLY. It’s about time that Singapore do this. Afterall, we are the so called IT hub. It’s funny that the political parties in the IT hub doesn’t make use of the new media to reach out to the citizen.

We are a democratic country. Political films can help voters make better decision at the polls. It’s funny that political films has been banned for so long. How did voters make the right choice in the past? I really wonder.

In fact, this issue has been brought up during the Seminar on Internet Regulatory Reform. And we know things are going to be changed soon. Mr Lee said an outright ban on party political films is no longer sensible. I would say a outright ban on party political film is no longer possible. It’s either the government ease up on this restriction or face losing control. And easing up the rules they will be.

So I guess the Bloggers’ Group for Internet Deregulation just scored a goal.

Speaking of the Seminar on Internet Regulatory Reform, I totally forgot to blog about it.

A night in DK’s life – 18 Aug 2008

It’s been a long night. In fact, I’ve been up whole night.
So instead of the usual “A day in DK’s life”, I’ll giving you a sneak peak into a night in DK’s life.

620pm: Left home for Ogilvy centre. I forgot that I need to add extra 15 minutes in traveling as it is peak hour. Going to be late.

715pm: Reached Ogilvy centre. Late for 15 minutes. Could have reached slightly earlier but I parked my car at the wrong carpark. Mistaken Golden Shoe Carpark for Market Street Carpark. Damn. Am glad that the event haven’t started.

730pm: Talk by Rohit Bhargava, author of “Personality not included“. It was an interesting talk. Very insightful. Decided to buy the book after the talk. Ahhh…. 1 more book added to the long list of book on my desk waiting for me to read. How am I ever going to finish all of them?

9pm: Networking session. Managed to catch up with some bloggers.

  • Surprised to see Xtralicious at the event. Seldom see her at events.
  • Had a good chat with lodestar. He is planning for world domination something interesting. Looking forward to it.
  • Finally met the guy behind Harro.
  • Nice meeting Joanna again. It’s been long time since we last met.
  • And many other people…..

    10pm: Left Ogilvy centre. Don’t feel like going home.

    11pm: Reached Changi Airport T3. Went to Coffee Bean for a drink. Took out my laptop to do some work and read up some stuff. SMS keep coming in. Sigh.

    230am: Decided to turn off computer and spend sometime reading the book I just bought. It’s an interesting book.

    245am: 15 minutes into the book, I suddenly got an idea. Took out my laptop and start emailing Paddy the inspirations that I got.

    3am: Decide to leave Coffee Bean and go for a walk around T3. It’s very quiet at night. Not many people around. My shoes making lots of noise when walking.

    330am: Left T3. Went for a short spin.

    4am: Went to the McDonalds near my house to buy supper/breakfast. They run out of Hashbrown!!! How could they run out of Hashbrown!!! I want Hashbrown!!!

    415am: Reach home. Turn on computer to watch The Apprentice Season 5(again) while having my supper/breakfast.

    5am: Surf some net, did some work, blog a little.

    7am: Feeling a bit sleepy. Went for a hot shower.

    715am: Decided to write this blog entry. Still feeling sleepy. I think I’ll go take a short nap before going to office later. Hope I don’t overslept.