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The F1 race is on this coming Sunday. Wow, that is fast. It still seems like yesterday when they confirmed that Singapore has been selected to be the venue for the first F1 night race. Can’t believe that we are just days away from the day itself. Woohoo!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can watch the race live? But if you didn’t get any tickets to the race, the best consolations prize would be watching the race live in a pub with lots of good food and drinks. Good company is a bonus.

The good folks from Chevrolet and Earth9 invited me to an exclusive party at Gotham Penthouse to watch the F1 race live on TV. What they didn’t tell me was that they are sending me two tickets to their party instead of one. OMG. Less that a week, how to find a date within such a short notice?

So instead of me pestering all the gals in my phonebook for a date on race day, I decided to invite one of my blog reader to join me at the Chevy night race party. All you need to do is to email me your name, contact number and tell me why I should bring you to the party. The person with the most creative answer will win a date with me. :D

Please email me by 25 Sept (Thursday), 2359hrs. You should know which email to send to. I will select one winner and announce it on Friday, 4pm.

This contest is open to all my blog readers, although I must admit that girls do have an unfair advantage over the guys. hahaha.

Send me your entry now!!!

24 Responses to 'Win a date with DK'

  1. Kevin Lim says:

    Do I qualify if I am a cross-dresser?

    Kevin Lims last blog post..Beyond the Govt / Citizen Dichotomy: Our Response to AIMS

  2. dk says:

    Kevin: Straight away disqualify! Wahaha. But if you don’t cross-dress, maybe still can consider. But you need to fly yourself back to SG. :D

  3. xinyun says:

    mmm… *think think*

    xinyuns last blog post..There’s always a first time for everything

  4. Cherie Koh says:

    good luck dk!~

    Cherie Kohs last blog post..The Newlyweds, Jason and Shirley:)

  5. dk says:

    Xinyun: Don’t need to think lah. Just send your email. :D

    Cherie: Thx thx. :D

  6. Tianhong says:

    gimme the tix la… we so good fren

  7. dk says:

    Tianhong: Give you also no use. You not in Singapore. :P

  8. keith says:

    gimme the tix n i’ll promise to be your wingman for a month! lol..

  9. nicole says:

    PICK ME!

    Enough said. LOL!

  10. Hillary says:

    I would LOVE to win a date with DK but not for the F1 race as I won’t be in Singapore.

    Coffee? Another time?

  11. HJ says:

    Shave legs and wear a skirt to qualify?

    but i would want the tix, but i dun want the date that comes with the tix. wahahahaaa.

  12. dk says:

    Keith: Don’t put it here. Wait others copy your idea. Email me. :)

    Hillary: My pleasure. When will you be back in Singapore? :)

    HJ: Shoo shoo. Don’t come here disturb. :P

  13. Hillary says:

    DK, I’m not sure when yet, will keep you in da loop, k?

  14. Jacelyn says:

    too bad im not free! :P good luck to you and whoever your date is :P

  15. dk says:

    Hillary: Sure sure. Looking forward to that. :)

    Jacelyn: :(

  16. Paddy Tan says:

    Dont have to fight anymore lah.. dk, pass the tickets to me and Mrs Paddy lah. That will settle all. I will take some photo and show to you later. hahah!!

    BTW, Z has tickets in to F1 and we sorta drove the GTR today ;)

  17. dk says:

    Paddy: But I need to attend the event leh. Why not just Izel and me go. Don’t worry, we will take lots of photos for you. :D

  18. AtelierGal says:

    LOL @ the guys and their ideas.
    Seriously, give them a chance lah


  19. dk says:

    AtelierGal: Yeap yeap. Equal chance for all lah. Just kidding with them 1. :D

  20. This is a no-contest lor.
    Want the 60″ HD Plasma TV? hehe…

    eastcoastlifes last blog post..Sook Ching massacre in Singapore – Ruby Tuesday

  21. dk says:

    ECL: DEAL! Wahahahaha….

  22. Kelong!!

    eastcoastlifes last blog post..G.Y.O. (Grow Your Own) – WW

  23. dk says:

    ECL: You kelong 1st hor. :P

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