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BMW Sauber F1 Team Q&A Session

As promised, here are the videos that I’ve recorded during the BMW Sauber F1 Team press conference Q&A session on 25 Sept 2008.

The BMW Sauber Team did alright for last night qualifying round.
Robert Kubica is in the 4th position with best lap timing of 1:44.207.
Nick Heidfeld is in the 6th position with best lap timing of 1:44.520.

Good luck for tonight’s race.

Eeerrr… How do you tell which car is which?

Since my office is near the Marina Bay Street Circuit, I decided to pop by after work on friday to watch the practice session. The engine of the F1 car is so loud that I can hear them from my office at Middle Road. Power!

There are quite a lot of people around the track. The organisers used banners to cover the fence so that those without ticket can’t get a good view. But I managed to find a few good place to watch the F1 car zoom pass.

The view from the overhead bridge between Suntec and Marina Square.

I went down the overhead bridge to the side of the race track near Suntec Starbucks. The sound from the F1 car is deafening.

The car are going so fast that you can’t even see the colours clearly. I learnt the area that I was standing is one of the fastest lane in the whole circuit. It’s between turn 6 and turn 7. The car can go up to 300km/h. Wow….. no wonder they didn’t turn on the ERP. Can’t even catch them when they pass the gantries.

So, how do you tell which car is which?

A lap round the Marina Bay Street Circuit

This is what you can expect on Sunday night.

Are you ready for the first F1 race in Singapore?

Essence of racing – The BMW Sauber F1 team

I’m honored to be invited to attend the BMW Sauber F1 team press conference. The press conference was held at Perfomance Motors new state of the art sales and service centre at 303 Alexandra Road.

It was a simple meet the press session with Q and A session (I’ll upload the video later), follow by photo taking session with the drivers. But due to time constrain, I only managed have a photo with Nick Heidfeld.

Managed to snap a few photos of the the BMW Sauber F1.08.

Robert Kubica is currently ranked number 3, with 64 points. (13 points behind Felipe Massa and 14 points behind Lewis Hamilton.) Nick Heidfeld is currently ranked number 5 with 53 points.

BMW Sauber team is currently ranked number 3 with 117 points.

The teams will be testing their car on the circuit for the first time tonight. The Singapore Grand Prix will be held from 26 September to 28 September at a newly built street circuit on the Marina Bay. It will be the 800th Formula One World Championship race overall and first race to be held at night.

Thank to Brian and Parita from Ogilvy for the invite. Thanks to BMW for the great event. And all the best to the BMW Sauber F1 Team for this Sunday’s race.

Geek bag

Guess what’s inside this bag.

If your guess is bandages and medicine, then sorry, you are wrong. Although it’s a first aid bag, there is no first aid stuff inside. Instead, its full of geek stuff.


OK, from left to right.
Ear phones, iPhone backup Battery, Camera Battery, iPhone/iPod cable, M2 card reader, 2.5inch portable harddisk, harddisk cable, memory cards (in a namecard holder), Mobile broadband modem, thumbdrives and internet banking token (in the black pouch).

I got the inspiration from Danny, the biggest Geek and best Barista from Geek Terminal. He kept all his little gadgets in a toiletry bag. It’s a great idea. My bag is super messy with all the little gadgets all over the place. Now with this geek bag, my bag is more organised.

OK, I feel so geeky now. Wahahaha.