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Found a handphone on taxi last friday. This is my first time finding a handphone.

A couple of things went thru my mind when I saw the phone. I can’t deny that the temptation of keeping the phone for myself was there. Although it’s a very basic phone with no camera, I’m sure it will come in handy during my reservist. But I decided to return the phone to the owner. I think I won’t do that if it’s a iPhone, Touch Diamond, Omina or E71. Oh well…. that’s another story.

It took a while before the owner realized that she lost her phone. I can’t meet her immediately as I’m rushing for a meeting. I arranged to meet her at the end of the day near my office. Luckily for her, this is her secondary phone.

Somehow, I think it’s because of this good deed, my day went very smoothly. The meeting was better than expected. Lots of areas being covered and looking forward to a great partnership.

Later that day, someone message me about some opportunities which seems promising. I’m very excited about it. Can’t reveal too much as nothing is firm yet.

Sometimes, it pays to do good things. :)

Microsoft “I’m a PC” advertisement

After 2 “I-don’t-know-what-they-doing” advertisements by Microsoft, they finally released a new advertisement. Some of you might like the previous 2 advertisement with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. I think the 2nd ads is pretty alright except I’m don’t know what they are trying to say.

This 3rd advertisement by Mircosoft is much better. (IMHO)

It’s simple, straight forward and directed at Apple’s “Mac vs PC” advertisement. I know some people don’t like it. But I personally think that it’s quite nicely done. In fact, it is highly spoof-able. Let’s just wait for others to spoof this advertisement. And also Apple’s reply.

PS: Oh ya, something interesting. This advertisement is made on a Mac.

Don’t look back at a new direction

This song that has been on repeat for the whole night. Perhaps I’m sub-consciously reminding me something.

Olivia Ong – Tattoo

No matter what you say about love
I keep coming back for more
Keep my hand in the fire
Sooner or later, I’ll get what I’m asking for

No matter what you say about life
I learn every time I bleed
That truth is a stranger
Soul is in danger, I gotta let my spirit be free

To admit that I’m wrong
And then change my mind
Sorry but I have to move on
And leave you behind

I can’t waste time so give it a moment
I realize, nothing’s broken
No need to worry ’bout everything I’ve done
Live every second like it was my last one
Don’t look back at a new direction
I loved you once, needed protection
You’re still a part of everything I do
You’re on my heart just like a tattoo

Just like a tattoo, I’ll always have you

I’m sick of playing all of these games
It’s not about taking sides
When I looked in the mirror, didn’t deliver
It hurt enough to think that I could

Stop, admit that I’m wrong
And then change my mind
Sorry but I gotta be strong
And leave you behind

If I live every moment
Won’t change any moment
Still a part of me and you
I will never regret you
Still the memory of you
Marks everything i do

Just like a tattoo
I’ll always have you

Do you have problems posting comments on my blog?

Just a quick check. Do you have any problems posting comments on my blog? One of my friend recently told me that she can’t comment on my blog. (Both at home and office) She said she got this error message:

The website is under maintenance the website has a programming error.

Weird. But there are comments on my blog. Not sure if this is an isolated case or common among many of you. If you have problem posting comment on my blog, do drop me a comment here. I’ll see what I can do to fix it.

Hahahahaha…. I’m joking lah. If you have problem posting comment on my blog, how you post comment to tell me? Haha. OK… ok, seriously. If you have problem posting comments on my blog, please drop me an email. Let me know the time you tried to comment and the error message if any. I’ll see what I can do to fix the problem. Thanks. :)

Middle Road Heritage

My dad gave me a lift to my office few days ago. He haven’t been to my office yet and I’m having a hard time telling him the exact location. Our BLOG2u/BAK2u office is at the junction of Middle Road and Queen Street. But my dad don’t know where exactly is Queen Street. I have to give him directions when we are near Middle Road.

When we reach there, he said “Aiya, next time just say Sa Beh Lo.” “Sa Beh Lo” is the hokkien word for “The Third Horseway (Road)”. Chinese call “三馬路”. Gee, I didn’t know that Queen Street is call “三馬路” in the past. I only knew that Waterloo Street is called “四馬路” or “The Forth Horseway (Road)”.

So I asked him more about these alternate road names. They have an interesting names for all the places in the past. For example, the area around South Bridge Road is call “大坡” (Big Slope) and the area around North Bridge Road is call “小坡” (Small Slope). “坡底” (Bottom of the Slope) would mean both “大坡” and “小坡”.

The roads intersecting Middle road have their own name.
North Bridge Road is 大馬路 (The Big Horseway)
Victoria Street is 二馬路 (The Second Horseway)
Queen Street is 三馬路 (The Third Horseway)
Waterloo Street is 四馬路 (The Forth Horseway)
Bencoolen Street is 五馬路 (The Fifth Horseway)
Prinsep Street is 六馬路 (The Sixth Horseway)
Selegie Road is 七馬路 (The Seventh Horseway)

Which makes logical sense if you look at the map along Middle Road.

The Hainanese community was the largest dialect group living at Middle Road area in the past (Between Beach Road and North Bridge Road). That section of Middle Road is also called 海南一街 (Hainan First Street). Purvis Street and Seah Street are called 海南二街 (Hainan Second Street)and 海南三街 (Hainan Third Street) respectively.

It’s always interesting to find out about the alternative road names given by the older generations. They make the history of the place more interesting.

Maybe next time when I take taxi to office, I should try telling the taxi uncle “小坡三馬路”. I wonder if he knows.

Heritage Star Blogger!

BTW: Do you know that the National Heritage Board is conducting a blogging contest? Check out their website for more information. Grand prize is a Nintendo Wii. Woohoo!!