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Next time, check the 通书 first

Saw this letter on Straits Times forum.

Baby’s birth cert reverses parental joy

THE arrival of my newborn daughter was a source of joy for my wife and myself – until I went to obtain her birth certificate from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).
To my horror, she was given the number T08-XX444X. As Chinese Singaporeans are aware, the number four suggests death, and implies misfortune.

I appealed to the ICA officer, also a Chinese Singaporean who understood my discomfiture. But she firmly rejected my plea because rules were rules, I was told. Subsequently, I appealed to a superior officer and waited an agonising week, making several calls in between, only to be given the same answer.

I grant that sticking to a system of rules is important. But so too is crafting exceptions which humanise the system.

My wife and I took great pains to craft our daughter’s name, consulting time-honoured cultural principles, because we wanted an auspicious life for her. Imagine having a birth certificate number like 444 which counters all that.

A birth certificate is a personal and important life-long document.

A system which forces officers to stick rigidly to the rulebook without due regard for cultural sensitivities is not a good one. Rules are made to serve citizens and not the other way round.

I’m not giving up. I hope that my daughter can be given a more appropriate birth certificate number and I’m not asking for very auspicious figures.

Joseph Tan

Joseph, Joseph…. Not I want to say you. But it’s your fault that you never refer to the 通书 (Chinese Almanacs) first before you make love with your wife. If you did refer to the 通书, it would have told you that it is not a good time to procreate as the ICA will give your child a NRIC number with T08-XX444X. In fact, you should also refer to the 通书 before queuing up at ICA. NRIC number is very important to a person. You as a parent should check the 通书 first before registering your child birth.

Actually, ICA also got mistake here. How can they use ‘4’ in the NRIC number? They should skip all ‘4’. (Don’t ask me what they going to do in year 2044.) In fact, they should also remove “13” and “666”. Did I miss out any unlucky numbers by other religions/races? I hope not. In fact, ICA can also provide special service and allow parents to choose “Golden Numbers” if they pay extra. I’m sure everyone will be snatching the XX88888 NRIC number. That should make everyone happy.

So remember, check the 通书 first.

PS From DK: Actually, ‘4’ is a good number in the cyber age. Just press SHIFT-4 on your keyboard and see what you get. :D

Win a date with DK

The F1 race is on this coming Sunday. Wow, that is fast. It still seems like yesterday when they confirmed that Singapore has been selected to be the venue for the first F1 night race. Can’t believe that we are just days away from the day itself. Woohoo!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can watch the race live? But if you didn’t get any tickets to the race, the best consolations prize would be watching the race live in a pub with lots of good food and drinks. Good company is a bonus.

The good folks from Chevrolet and Earth9 invited me to an exclusive party at Gotham Penthouse to watch the F1 race live on TV. What they didn’t tell me was that they are sending me two tickets to their party instead of one. OMG. Less that a week, how to find a date within such a short notice?

So instead of me pestering all the gals in my phonebook for a date on race day, I decided to invite one of my blog reader to join me at the Chevy night race party. All you need to do is to email me your name, contact number and tell me why I should bring you to the party. The person with the most creative answer will win a date with me. :D

Please email me by 25 Sept (Thursday), 2359hrs. You should know which email to send to. I will select one winner and announce it on Friday, 4pm.

This contest is open to all my blog readers, although I must admit that girls do have an unfair advantage over the guys. hahaha.

Send me your entry now!!!

Photo of the week – Huge TV

This week’s photo of the week is rather late because I need to steal the photo from ECL’s blog. Hee hee.

That’s the HUGE 60inch LG TV that ECL is giving out. ECL invited some of us over to her house to see the TV and also have some Popiah. (WAH! Finally. After more than 1 1/2 years of waiting, finally get to eat the legendary ECL popiah. Worth the wait!)

Since I’m there, I bought along a measuring tape to measure the width to see if my house got enough space to put that TV.

1.45m long. OK! My house big enough. Hahahaha…. Now all I need is to take part in the contest and hope I can win.


An interesting mini-movie/commercial for Lenovo S10.

Love the soundtrack.

林俊杰 – Always Online

Everthing will be ok
Three two one
I’m always online
和你one to one
Three two one
More and more既是深刻
I’m always online

What’s up, google?

Keep getting this screen when accessing google yesterday.

Been getting this everywhere. At office, at home and even on wireless@sg. Think all Singapore IP address will get this. Stupid. I hate captcha.

In a nutshell
This message appears when Google detects automated querying coming from your IP address, thus causing a quick spike in traffic on
The error page most likely displays a captcha (a squiggly word with a box below it). To continue using Google, type the squiggly word into the box. The captcha image helps us determine whether traffic is coming from automated robot software or individual users.