The return of the quitter

My blood was boiling when I read this news article.

Teen shuttler who quit Singapore returns
AFTER walking out on the Singapore team seven months ago, Zhang Beiwen is now back in the national badminton fold.
The 18-year-old, who came here in 2003 under the Foreign Sports Talent (FST) scheme, was part of the Singapore side that won a team bronze at last year’s World Youth Championships.
She left the Republic in April to play badminton for various clubs in countries like Malaysia and Taiwan, but was persuaded to return last week by the Singapore Badminton Association (SBA).

Make up your mind. Who do you want to play for? China? Singapore? Malaysia? Or Taiwan?
This is why I oppose the Foreign Sports Talent Scheme since day one. It’s useless paying high price to get these people to come to Singapore. Their loyalty is as thick as the cash payout. Whoever pays the higher price can get them to represent their countries in the sport. Why are we wasting our money on such people? Why not keep those money to develop our own local sport talent?
We should not be paying high price to attract foreigners. Instead, we should spend those money on our own infrastructure and train our locals sport talents. We shouldn’t be using money to attract foreigners. Instead, we should attract them to come join us with our infrastructure. Only those who come join us willingly without the lure of money will have loyalty.
And seriously, I hope the Singapore Badminton Association will stop throwing Singapore’s face. Come on, she left Singapore for other country. So why you all so 犯賤 go and beg her to come back? Is there no more good shuttler in Singapore? Have the association lost their abilities to train good shuttlers themselves? Will the Singapore Badminton Team die without her? Is there a need to persuade her to come back? Is she that important?
And most importantly, will she leave Singapore again when another country pays her more?
Wake up your bloody idea, Singapore Badminton Association. Stop disgracing Singapore. Singapore can live without her. If she choose to leave, let her leave. Why the need to get her back? Its clear that her loyalty is not here in Singapore. So why bother? Stop wasting our money and stop disgracing us.


  1. bro, i agreed with you. Singapore shouldn’t persuade her to come back. Singapore (i almost want to use the word “we”) got money to hire someone else and Singapore has established a brand of paying foreign sportsman high during the Beijing Olympia.
    However, I don’t really agree on spending more money on sports infrastructure. Look around your friends and ask them, “Will you pick up the career path as a full time sportsman?” Even though we have Singapore sport school, it is still facing the problem of attracting local to join.
    neo´s last blog post..Can we drive “armored-vehicle” on the road?!

  2. Neo: Perhaps we also need to change the mindset of people. And also relook at the local talent scheme too. I’m sure with a good infrastructure, we should be able to attract talented locals to pick up sport as a profession.
    PS: By infrastructure, I mean both hard and soft infrastructure.

  3. I agree with you. Sports now seems to be tainted with the notion of money. More money means an ability to attract, albeit temporarily, better players. And for what? Most of them, like this person you mentioned, will not spur Singporean’s interest in the sport. So far, the only time Singaporeans really get interested in a sport is tabletennis, or F1, but that’s because we’re hosting it.

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