McNuggets goes well with Hoegaarden

Wasn’t that hungry tonight. So I ordered 9 piece McNuggets instead of the usual 20 pieces. What a way to end the day. Enjoying McNuggets which goes extremely well with Hoegaarden beer. Perhaps McDonalds should consider selling Hoegaarden beer in the near future.

Been a busy night. Writing emails to my staff and settling some work stuff. Then do some blogging for the Nat Geo event that I went last night. I think its time I log off and sleep. It’s going to be another busy Sunday. Luckily I still got 1 more bottle of Hoegaarden in the fridge, always ready for me if I need to chill out.

5 Responses to 'McNuggets goes well with Hoegaarden'

  1. ssumin says:

    Hmm, thought u were joking when u said u were going to get mcnuggets when u were downing your carl’s junior burger!

  2. dk says:

    Ssumin: We had Carls Jr at 6plus leh. Hungry by midnight. Hahaha.

    dk´s last blog post..Exclusive Media Preview of National Geographic Retail Store in Singapore

  3. HJ says:

    Mcd seem to change supplier for the nuggets, taste abit different since last mth or 2 mths ago.

  4. Binny says:

    Think you should try Hoegaarden with McWings instead, even more shiok!

  5. dk says:

    Binny: Really? okie… Will try next time. :)

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