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Reservist Day Six – Bookout day

**This entry was hand written on 22 Nov 2008**

Too tired to wake up for breakfast. The outfield yesterday was a killer. I don’t know how I going to survive the next outfield on Thursday. Body aching like hell. Think I’m getting too old for this.

We had some simple revision lesson in the morning. Had lunch after lesson and waited for bookout. And waited….. and waited.

Basically, I’ve learnt that you should never ever plan anything on the book out day because the book out timing is never fixed. It’s unfair because the book in timing is always fixed while the book out timing will have to depends. But of cos, if we were to push for a fixed book out timing, it will most likely be the latest possible timing.

Anyway, I took a nap while waiting, only to wake up once in a while to confirm that we aren’t booking out yet. In the end, we were finally told we can book out at 4pm plus. Not bad. I was expecting somewhere around 5pm.

Then we encountered some cock up at the guard house. I rather not say what happen or all my vulgarities will come out.

Reservist Day Five – Outfield

**This entry was hand written on 21 Nov 2008**

Woke up with a SMS on my handphone saying “Call me when you wake up”. It was from my officer. Straight away I knew something not right. Indeed……. he told me to get everything ready and go outfield with him in the afternoon. Which means I only have a couple of hours to prepare my equipments. On top of that, I need to pass a mock test before going out. Everyone need to pass the mock test or we can’t book out tomorrow. It is a mad rush. Finished the test and rush to cookhouse for early lunch. Managed to get everything done just in time.

The weather is super hot outfield. And the new equipment is killing me. Hate it. I would kill the stupid designer if I got a live round with me. Return back to camp in the evening. Very tired.

Reservist Day Four – Piece of shitty equipment

**This entry was hand written on 20 Nov 2008**

Body aching from yesterday’s IPPT. But I know its not the full effect yet. I usually feel the full effect 2 days after the exercise.

It’s been a busy day. Spend the morning having lesson. Afternoon was frustrating. We were issued some new equipments which was very badly designed. The older design is already very badly designed. We thought the new design will improve the flaws. But no it didn’t. Instead, the new design is worse than the old design.

Everyone of us is cursing and swearing whole day. Who the hell design this piece of shitty equipment? I think I used the more vulgarities today compared to the past 3 days combined.

Got news from my Sgt that I’ll be the only person in my platoon required to go outfield next Thursday. The rest of my platoon mates aren’t involved in the exercise. Oh well, what to do? Quite unlucky this few days. It’s funny when my Sgt broke the news to me. It’s like he scare I will be depressed and do something foolish after hearing the news. Haha.

Reservist Day Three – Unlucky day

**This entry was hand written on 19 Nov 2008**

It’s an unlucky day. We had IPPT today morning. We rushed down to the test area only to find ourselves waiting 45 minutes for our turn. Yes, that the classic “Rush To Wait, Wait To Rush”. As usual, I failed my chin up. Just before the 2.4km run, my running shoes decided to give way. The sole of the shoe fell of. Wanted to buy a new pair of shoes but the E-Mart isn’t open yet. Running on a shoe with sole and another without sole feels weird.

We had some lessons straight after the IPPT. Not enough rest man.

I took leave from ICT in the afternoon to settle some paper work outside. Yes, there is such thing call leave during ICT. But it depends on your PC and OC. If you have a valid reason, it shouldn’t be a problem to apply for time off during not so important days. I’m glad the rules are flexible here.

Just when I was about to leave camp, it started to rain, heavily. Our bunk is quite far away from the gate and there is no shelter. So I waited around 30 minutes for the rain to get smaller. Went to office to settle the paper work and coordinate some upcoming events. After which, I went home and continue with some work related stuff. When I was about to leave home for camp, it started pouring again. Damn unlucky. Have to wait for a while before the rain get smaller.

Date with DK

Ok, it wasn’t really a date, more like an event, but he was a very nice chaperone thorughout.

Last Sunday we went to a basketball match between the Singapore Slingers and the Smart Pampanga Buddies, and the Slingers won 100 – 72, which was pretty awesome.

We snapped a couple of pics with the giant players, now I’m just waiting patiently for DK to send them over so I can show you some! :)