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Damn, how did he miss the shot?

I guess by now, everyone would have seen this video clip.

Damn, how did he miss the shot? Twice somemore.

I bet most 90% of the world wished that the shoe hit him. I was staring at the youtube video clip with disbelief. I even replayed it several times. How could he miss? The hope for the entire mankind lies on those 2 shoes. Our only hope for revenge.

I’ve always thought that the secret service are highly trained and can protect the president. I thought they would jump on the person and pin him down before he can pull out a gun. But apparently, the secret service aren’t that good after all. That guy even got time to take off his 2nd shoe and throw at him. And we always thought the secret service guys are fast enough to jump into the path of a bullet to block the bullet for the president.

Or maybe because the shoe was traveling faster than the bullet?

Anyway, I heard that from now on, all reporters must be barefooted when interviewing President-out-going George Bush. Luckily he is stepping down soon.

Oh, as expected, the internet is full of people making fun of this incident. I mean, why not? Since America is a land of free speech.

I kinda like the matrix one.

But I guess the best one should be this…….

Cause that’s the outcome everyone wished for in their heart.

They spend two years and S$1.3 million to study something we already know

I can’t believe they spend 2 years and S$1.3 million to study if Tsunamis will hit Singapore.

A study commissioned by the National Environment Agency (NEA) has confirmed that there is a low probability of Singapore being affected by a tsunami.

The two—year, S$1.3 million study was jointly conducted by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

I thought it is already a known fact that Singapore is well protected from Tsunamis? Still need to waste S$1.3 to study meh?

And I do remember someone writing to newspaper 4 years ago after the Asia Tsunamis asking if there is any early warning system for Tsunamis. I even wrote a blog entry on my old blog countering it. Dated Dec 2004.

Does S’pore have quake alert?

I’m still laughing after reading tis……
WE all now realise how catastrophic a tsunami can be, wreaking incredible havoc on life and property.

This time round Singapore has escaped unscathed, but what if the seismic shift had been further south? Would we be hit like Penang and Phuket?

What I am concerned about is whether Singapore has any kind of early warning system to avert such a disaster. If not, the authorities should seriously consider putting one in place.

– Roger Poh
Source from Streats


Dear Mr Poh

Singapore is surrounded by Malaysia, Sumatra and Riau Archipelago. Any tsunami will be blocked by these large land mass around us. The only chance that a tsunami will hit singapore is when a Asteroid fall into the Straits of Singapore. Which the possibility of having 1 hitting earth is 0.003800000% (Source from Nasa)

Please go back to Secondary School and study your geography all over again.

If only NEA reads my blog entry back then. Sigh.

Reservist Day Twelve – The do nothing day

**This entry was hand written on 28 Nov 2008**

Woke up late. Too tired after yesterday’s exercise. My platoon mate next to me just return from nights off. I remember he left camp when I went to bed last night. Haha.

Went for late breakfast to find that I’m not the only person who woke up late. Anyway, there isn’t anything for today. So why bother? ICT is ending. We played UNO after breakfast. Its been a long time since I last played that game. We played until we are tired of the game.

We did the end of ICT survey in the afternoon. The survey is rather high tech now. Instead of using paper and pencil to shade the oval, we are issued a handphone look alike device to key in our selection. Pretty good. They are able to retrieve the results immediately. Well, at least this new technology works fine compared to some other shitty equipment. But there is still room for improvement to make it even better.

We were given nights off again since we had nothing to do. There is a cock up at the guard house again. Sigh. Sometimes I wonder the intelligent level of the guards there. The 3G army requires 3G brain and mentality to operate.

Men are Strange but Excellent

I think men have been tasked with the greatest responsibility on earth – to care for every living creature, to love women at the cost of loving himself, and to lead their own tribes i.e. their own families. Don’t you think men have a lot to shoulder? That is why I respect them.

Although men can be difficult to understand at times.


Men may have unfathomable hobbies such as watching football or sniffing laptops. *shrugs*


Men may be so tired out by their gigantic responsibilities that they fall asleep standing up. Here’s one who have found an alternative use for a Lenovo S10 laptop.


Men may blush and hide behind a tree or a gadget when talking to women.


Men may spend more time casting their magic on gadgets instead of on the girl of his dreams.

Men may be very strange but they are still excellent. Even though men messes up all the time, life would have been a lot harder and a lot less pleasurable without them. My respect to them!

This has been a guest post by Precious.

Signs that the ERP just doesn’t work

Heard rumors that the LTA are building more ERP gantry again. Not sure how true is that. Sigh.

Last week, I invited to an event where they pick us up at Newton and drove us to Vivo City on SUV. During the trip, we encounter something that clearly shows that ERP isn’t working.

A massive traffic jam infront of the ERP gantry which is in operation. There wasn’t any car accident or road works. There was a jam because too many cars are using the same road. Does LTA need any clearer signs to tell them that the ERP just isn’t working?

I always tell my friends that every ERP gantry the LTA set up is a sign that LTA, URA and ICA didn’t do a good job.
LTA did not plan the road at that area properly, thus causing everyone to use the same road.
URA did not plan the town properly, thus causing everyone to go to the same area.
ICA did not control the influx of new immigrants properly, thus causing a increase in our population before the infrastructure is really to support everyone.

If the 3 agencies are doing a good job, we won’t need anymore ERP gantry. Serious.

And in case you are wondering, it took us around 50 minutes to travel from Newton to Vivo city during peak hours. I kid you not.

PS: I still remember someone said that it only takes 20 minutes to reach any corner of Singapore.