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Happy belated 25th birthday Macintosh

Ah, I was busy doing Spring Cleaning that I forgotten about this. Happy belated 25th Birthday Macintosh.

Resignation from ABS

I’ve resigned as committee member for Association for Bloggers (Singapore).

It’s been a great learning experience over the past few months. Thank you everyone.

Wah ciao! DK migrate slower than tortoise!

Finally migrated everything from Dreamhost to Gatorhost. WOOHOO!!!

It was a tedious task. I wish Gatorhost won’t fail me the same way that Dreamhost failed me. I don’t want to change webhost again in another year time. If only there is a better process for migrating wordpress. Something automated would be great. (LAZY ME!!!)

I think I can write a blog post on how to migrate your entire wordpress from 1 webhost to another. Although I’m sure this is not the best method. Else I wouldn’t have put this up while I was transferring my stuff over.


Seriously, I think the tortoise can migrate faster than me.

OK, now that I’ve finally moved my blog to the new webhost, let’s start clearing some backlogs blog articles. Hello Gatorhost! :D

It’s going to be a brilliant Chinese New Year


I just discovered that there is going to be a lapse in my blog. Here is what that is going to happen. My blog hosting on dreamhost is going to end on 26 Jan (Tomorrow). My domain DNS transfer will not be taking place until 28 Jan because of the public holidays. Which means that my blog and email will not be usable during this Chinese New Year period. Isn’t that brilliant?

Don’t ask me why man. It’s a long story. Oh well.

So before my blog go completely down, I would like to wish everyone 恭喜发财 心想事成.


Note to self

Next time, find a good webhost and stick to it until the end of time. Divorcing your webhost is not a fun thing to do.

If you are seeing this blog entry on the top of my blog, that means the move haven’t taken place yet.
If you can’t see anything when you access my blog url, that means the move is currently taking place. (Hmmm… and how would you get to read this message)

I’ll post another new blog entry when I’m done moving. In the meantime, just hope that I won’t ever need to change webhost again.

PS: My email might get disrupted too. Sigh.