First punch, now burn. What's next?

I guess by now most of you would have heard the news about Member of Parliament Mr Seng Han Thong being set ablaze on Sunday Morning. Mr Seng Han Thong is no stranger to assaults. In July 2006, he was punched at a meet-the-people session.
This time round, the attack was more serious. Mr Seng was at a bursaries award ceremony when a 70-year-old man pour a bottle of kerosene on his back and set it ablaze with a cigarette lighter. Mr Seng’s right face, scalp and back were severely burnt. He is now in hospital and might require skin grafting.
My first reaction when I heard the news was “Him again?” There are 80 plus Member of Parliament in Singapore. Why is it that he always get assaulted? Is there something wrong with him to begin with? I did a google on his name and found some people calling him a bootlicker. He suggested a stupid taxi surcharge and fuel surcharge. He also side step question from WP. In fact, I couldn’t find anything good about him online. Perhaps that the reason why someone set him ablaze.
For something to happen, there must be a reason. And perhaps Mr Seng Han Thong might want to use this time in hospital to do some self reflection to see why he keeps getting assaulted. Is he suitable to be a MP? Is he doing the right thing? If he isn’t, then perhaps he should resign before something worse happens. First punch, now burn. What’s next?
The new media is talking about this issue now. So far, most of the comments I read are those who cheered for the 70 year old man. Most of them supported the old man. Many were concerned for the 70 year old man and hope that he won’t be severely punished. Nobody will do such a thing without being pushed to the edge. Perhaps the old gentleman is having problems and couldn’t get help? Most people felt sorry for the old gentleman but not many of them have concern on Mr Seng. Quite sad. I guess he isn’t a well liked MP. OK, personally I also don’t really like him. He is one of those MP which makes me wonder how the hell did he managed to get into the Parliament.
I do hope the old gentleman doesn’t get punished too severely.
PS: We finally got justification for our Member of Parliament’s high salary. This is a high risk job. Bush only got 2 shoes being thrown at him. Our Singapore MP got people set fire on him. Which explains why our MP are better paid than the American President.


  1. There are many MPs. who are disliked by the People they are supposedly representing…..and one come to mind…Mr. Vivian Balakrishnan an MP now infamous for his callous and heartless remark”Where dod they want to dine tonight; in a Foodcourt? in a Restaurant?” uttered in reply to another MP who requested that the Welfare Receipients allowance be raised from $270.00 per month to $300.00 per month…a miserly $30.00…..I will not be surprised if He is the one being set ablazed….or I meet him in Hell still being barbecued at the pleasure of Lucifer.

  2. Arlo DK, Hi! From a Fellow Calendar Blogger *July* to Another! Saying Hi and just popping by to visit your blog! So, till we meet for the 2010 Calendar… Have a great year ahead! 🙂

  3. Seng Han Tong should have seen it coming, including from the way he treats residents during the once-in-a-decade house visits.
    Some years back when he was still in charge of AMK Ave 1 zone, he simply walked away RIGHT AFTER a resident has explained to him the pressing concerns of hdb dwellers in the vicinity.
    If he doesn’t treat his part-time MP job with respect, why in the world is PAP paying him and themselves higher than the US President?

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