Bye bye dreamhost. Hello Gatorhost

I almost forgot that my subscription with nightmare host dreamhost is ending next week.

I’ve been searching for a better webhost even before dreamhost emailed me that my hosting is expiring. I guess I had enough of dreamhost. Its time to move even though they gave me extra 1 month free hosting. I would rather pay then have my site down.

After some searching, I guess gatorhost is the best. I hope.
So far didn’t really hear much bad comments about them. And they seem pretty good. So I’m moving out of my dreamhost and switching to gatorhost. Woohoo!!!

OK, now here is the tricky part. Moving from one host to another. I’ve no experience in doing that. Luckily Gatorhost has a free service to help new users transfer their files from old site. I wonder how effective are they. Hope they can successfully move everything over to the new site. Else I’ll have to move manually.

I stop blogging here until I managed to move everything to new host. So hold on for a while. Hope I can get everything transferred by end of Friday.
If I don’t return by next week, someone please make a police report. (haha… kidding kidding)

9 Responses to 'Bye bye dreamhost. Hello Gatorhost'

  1. lodestar says:

    did u base ur decision on those hosting review sites?

  2. dk says:

    lodestar: I did read from the hosting review sites that gatorhost is pretty good. But most importantly, my friends all said that it’s pretty decent. :)

  3. nicole says:

    Jiayou, i hope u will be done with the migration soon :)

    nicole´s last blog post..Assignments are my new best friend

  4. lodestar says:

    not that im pro-dreamhost (lunarpages user myself actually), but check out this article..

  5. Brennan says:

    You also moving house? I am on HostGator too! :-D

    HostGator – so far so good… until the evil downtime attacks!

    Brennan´s last blog post..C’MON! Give Us Youth Some (Sensual) Space.

  6. dk says:

    Nicole: I also hope. But looks like not going to be so smooth.

    Lodestar: Woot… that is a very long article. Will read it later man. :)

    Brennan: Every host have their downtime right? It depends on how frequent and how fast they respond to it.

  7. AlienTYC says:

    From my experience, as compared to other hosting providers, my blog encounter minimum downtime on HostGator and the support staff are rather helpful and intelligent enough to provide proper solutions.

    AlienTYC´s last blog post..Yummy ice-cream at Ministry of Food at Bugis Junction, Singapore

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