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Association of Bloggers (Singapore)

After months of planning, the Association of Bloggers (Singapore) is finally registered as a society in Singapore. The idea of a registered association came from Eastcoastlife. She spoke to me about this idea back in July 2008 and I was pretty excited to be part of this. Over the past few months, we have been busy searching for other like minded bloggers and planning on the execution. I’m so glad that the association is finally registered. But this is just the beginning.

The Association of Bloggers (Singapore) is different from those groups who just simply register a .com or a .sg website and claim to be representing the Singapore blogosphere. The association is a registered society with Ministry of Home Affairs. It is govern by a set of constitution and we have to oblige to The Societies Act (Chapter 311). The registration of the association will also be published under the Gazette.


Why did I join the Association of Bloggers (Singapore) and become a member of the protem committee? I feel that as more and more companies and government bodies start to engage the new media, there is a need for an official association to accredit bloggers. There is a need to promote blogging. There is a need for dispute resolution. There is a need to educate bloggers and improve the quality of blogs. There is a need for all Singaporean bloggers to unite together to show everyone that the new media is also a reliable source of information.

I hope we can achieve these, and more, in the association.

Read what the rest of the protem committee said on their blog:

paced aka Jas
Paddy Tan
Rachel Chung
Xin Yun

People really hate bush

Bush will be leaving in a few days time. I guess everyone can’t wait for that day to come. The past 8 years has been a dark time for America. I don’t remember any president that make such a big mess during his term. So big that the incoming president has been hard at work even before his Inauguration.

And we know that people really hate Bush when someone did a game for people to throw shoes at him. Yes, it was inspired by this incident.


Send your regards to Bush here.


Becareful when registering a “Top Level Domain”

We discussed this during the recent Tech65 podcast. Check it out. (Shameless plug)


When my friend told me that he registered 4 Top Level Domain recently, I was quite excited about it. Top Level Domain is going to be the next big thing. ICANN had decided to open up the top level domain name registration to just about anybody back in June 08. Top Level Domain, for the uninitiated, is the last part of the URL. (Example: .com or .org.) Which means you can register a TLD of just about anything. For example, you can register a .bank and create domains like or etc etc. Be prepared to see lots of fanciful domain names in the near future.

But I was quite surprised that he managed to register for the TLD now. From what I understand, the application for TLD will only start in the 2nd quarter of 2009. So how did he manage to register a TLD?

He told me that he registered the TLD at TLD.NAME at around US$1000 per domain. When I visit the site, the first weird thing that I notice is that the site is accredited & approved by the Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC), not Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). And INAIC’s website is actually a .com site instead of a .org site.

Something doesn’t seems right here. I check with several friends and all of them confirm that TLD isn’t open for registration yet. So what did my friend register? After some investigations and checking, NTT finally found out that this is in fact alternative top level domain.

The DNS root zone consists of pointers to authoritative DNS servers for Generic Top Level Domain (like .com and .net) and Country Code Top Level Domain zones (like .us, .uk, and .tv). A collection of “traditional” root servers independently operated by many organizations around the internet use a list of these domains which is managed by ICANN. Alternative roots typically include pointers to all of the TLD servers delegated by ICANN, as well as TLD servers for other top-level domains (like .new, .nic, and .web) which are not delegated by ICANN, but run by other independent organizations. Some, but not all, alt-roots are operated by the organizations which in turn manage these alternative TLDs.

Alternative DNS roots can in general be divided into three groups: those run for idealistic or ideological reasons, those run as profit-making enterprises, and those run internally by an organization for its own use.

So in order for the alternative TLD, you will need your local ISP to support their Domain Name Server (DNS). In fact, TLD.NAME even got a whole section explaining the benefits of alternative TLD and how you can get your ISP to support the alternative TLD. But the biggest question is, why would your ISP want to support a DNS which is not approved by ICANN? If your ISP doesn’t support their DNS, you cannot access your website thru your alternative TLD.

Even if you managed to make your ISP support their DNS (I don’t know how you can do it), it will only means that people who are using your ISP can access your alternative TLD. Those who are not using the same ISP as you still cannot access your alternative TLD. So you still need to convince the rest of the world to support their DNS. (Which is mission impossible)

So is this alternative TLD considered a scam? The answer is no.

The site clearly states that you need to get your ISP to support their DNS. If your ISP support their DNS, your TLD will work. But it didn’t say that ISP will never support your TLD. It’s like selling a Leopard Tank to you as a mode of transport. Now that you own the Leopard Tank, all you need is to get the government agency to give you approval to drive it on public road. (OK, I’m bad at analogy. But you get the point)

And these alternative TLD is going to pose another big problem when ICANN opens up TLD for registration. The TLD that you registered with these alternative TLD registrar might be registered by another company. When this happens, it is only logical for all ISP to point their DNS to the TLD registered with ICANN.

So be careful when you register any TLD. Make sure it is accredited & approved by ICANN. (In another word, make sure it’s not an alternative Top Level Domain)

Curry Favor

Below is a food review that I wrote back in 8 May 2008 on another blog. Decided to port it over here since the other blog is inactive.


This is my first visit to Curry Favor. Heard that it serves good Japanese Curry. I personally loves Japanese Curry. (And I seldom take Indian curry unless it’s with Prata)

Do you know that the Europeans are the first to introduce curry to Japan in the late 19th century?

The restaurant is located at the 3rd floor of Velocity@Novena Sq. There is another branch at Stamford House.

I ordered a Cheese Katsu (Pork Filet) Curry while StarryNite ordered a Rosu Katsu Curry. There are 2 types of curry to choose, regular and spicy. Both are just as good.

The Rosu Katsu taste normal. But thanks to the great curry, it make the dish taste better than the usual Pork Katsu you get elsewhere. Hey, they don’t call themselves Curry Favor for nothing.


The Cheese Katsu Curry is great. The Cheese Katsu looks like Nuggets. But the inside is filled with cheese and pork meat. The good thing about this dish is that the cheese and the curry sort of compliment each other. A must try for cheese lover.



The only disappointment about Curry Favor is their drinks. Ice Lemon Tea was sold out for the day, so I choose Lime Juice which I soon regretted. The lime juice is too sour. Should have just stick to the ice water.

But I must say that the service is excellent. The staff are very attentive and automatically comes over to our table to refill the ice water when it falls below the 3/4 mark. Good job.

Food: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Ambience: 8/10

Note: Cheese lovers must try the Cheese Katsu (Pork Filet) Curry. Give the Lime Juice a miss if you don’t like sour stuff.

Curry Favor
238 Thomson Road, #03-26/27,
Novena Square, Singapore 307683
Tel: 62552395
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun: 12pm – 10pm

The ever changing business world

Been busy over the past few weeks at work. (Yes, I have a job outside my blog.) We have been busy working on the new business model for BLOG2u.

They say that the recession is here. But I personally feel that the impact isn’t here yet. The spending habit of Singaporeans and Companies hasn’t changed much since the announcement of recession. I do hope the impact will never be felt in Singapore. Nevertheless, we need to constantly evolve our business model to stay ahead of time and keep ourselves alive if the recession really hits us. The last few weeks of 2008 was spend brainstorming on new ideas and direction for 2009. I believe our team has come up with an excellent plan for 2009. Everything looks exciting. I wish I could share all the plans with everyone now but some of them are still work in progress. As such, I can only share those that has been announced so far.

BLOG2u announced today that we have acquired SGBloggers, a local blog hosting site. We believe that SGBloggers can complement the services provided by BLOG2u. We have plans to roll out new services that will benefit both our clients and bloggers.

2009 is going to be an exciting year for BLOG2u. This is just one baby step towards our goal. More new services to come in the next few months. Look out for it!